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@WarlordPayne: been done with that franchise since 4. IE the last good one.

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@SuperWristBands: I highly doubt that. Not that RE has been good since 4 but still.

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I just finished the episode, and while I thought it had some exciting plot twists and potential mystery, ultimately I think it was one of the weaker episodes. Episode 2 imo was the best, then 1, then 3 and 4 are tied in my eyes. I REALLY don't like the random zombie attack at the end and the "well, i guess im gonna turn into a zombie now so fuck it", it felt extremely contrived. The VERY end of the episode was bad ass though. This episode also brought to light how shitty the controls are sometimes. I'm playing on PC, and constantly having to walk around those school hallways and having Lee walk towards the fucking camera in the wrong direction against some lockers, it's difficult to explain exactly but I think PC players will get what I'm talking about. Again with the controls, I felt like the action scene in the bell tower when Lee falls through the stair kinda fucked up, instead of having a free range of aiming between your trapped leg and the zombies, it's relegated into two separate sections; so you have to drag the cursor all the way to the top of the screen, wait a sec till the game registers that, and then you can shoot a zombie or two.

EDIT: I say potential mystery because I felt like they try to play Molly as a mysterious person with bad intentions, or maybe even a Crawfford, but she just turns out to be a chick who wants to help her sister. That's fine as a character point, but it's dumb how she wanders off sometimes and you even see her run past the camera all sneakily like a few times, it's kind of annoying how that all just gets thrown out the window at the end. Not to mention that her mysteriousness was talked about alot in the episode, and trust played a major role in this episode in general, and then she just leaves at the end.

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I think thats the longest Giantbomb article ever.

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I've played 3 characters and they all die pretty fast. I'm looking for some people to team up and play with. add me on steam: terrytate42 and lets play!!!!!!

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Ya I have the paid version of ARMA 2 from steam. Thanks fuys.

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Can I then play Day Z? Or do I have to actually buy Combined Operations.

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I realize that they would first need to acquire the rights to the show, but for the purpose of this question let's assume the devs already have them. I would have to go with Naughty Dog on this one. I'm imagining a third person shooter similar to Uncharted, with great characters and atmosphere, which Naughty Dog excels at. Not to mention Nathan Drake is quite similar to Malcolm Reynolds when you think about it. Firefly is nothing without the atmosphere of a futuristic wasteland western, good light hearted humor, and good characters, and I feel that the team at Naughty Dog could do a great job.

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Blizzard makes game, no matter what the quality, its gonna break this record.

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So here's what /v/ thinks will happen at Nintendo's E3 conference this year. I'll be honest, that would make my life. Can you think of any improvements? Because I honestly don't think I can.