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So I must ask if your this lost as to what to buy why exactly are you getting one?

The Xbones a mess and after going to a friends house and playing the ps4 afew times it was just more of the same, yes it looks better but how menny multiplayer 1st person shooters can a person play in a row and not get board. BF4 Cod Ghosts and kill Zone is all there realy is to offer Blackout is nice but with the micro transactions and unstable frame rate its not a console seller. so out of the 3 the Wii U looks like the way to go

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Wind Waker HD, Pikmin 3, and whatever Mario you fancy. I only have Wind Waker HD and I'm pretty content.

Having never played a Zelda Game is wind waker a good one to start on?

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@pabba said:

On the course selection screen, you can purchase the "split path" for each individual level, which fills in those clear blocks and allows you to take a different path.

Thank you

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its by far the best free game ever on the xbla

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how do you get the clear blocks on the map to become solid? the only time i did this was in azt. 1 by accident. en its needed to get stars

thx Bombcast community

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I have herd that in the Beta of the new Giantbomb the quests have been removed, No being apart of the beta myself i ask you if this is true and if so why? This was one of the best parts of the site :(

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Trying to get a quest

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Happy Turkey Day to Jeff Gerstmann, Vinny Caravella , Brad Shoemaker, Ryan Davis, patrick klepek, Alex Navarro, and to the rest of the Giant Bomb Family and subs.

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As much as i love Pokemon there is something that i don't think game freak will ever do, And that's change the typing of the starters. they are all the same at the end of the day fire is a red Pokemon water is blue and grass is green.its been 5 gens. and all i want for gen.6 is 3 new starter types to mix it up. Pokemon B/W 2 was a good start the changes were awesome keep them coming.

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ok i dont get it there was a commercial on like 5 secs. ago for this game??? is just the online play taken off?

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