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Will this 3Ds game fall apart or Rise up 0

Lego City UndercoverThe Chase Begins The Chase Begins is a Prequel to the Nintendo Wii u game Lego City Undercover that has the then rookie cop Chase McCain from the first day on the job all the way threw to his first big brake. It’s a cute family friendly game that gives the 3DS the Charm that Lego games have over the last few years. (Lego Bat Man 1 -2, Lego Star wars, Lego harry potter)Voice actors add the Delivery of jokes from kind of funny to a few laff out loud moments but that’s where th...

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Super Smash Bros. Review 0

Super Smash Bros. is a 2D Fighting game for Nintendo 64 Released in 1999 which puts the largest Names in Nintendo History to fight it out to see who takes all. There is a roster of 8 fighters and 4 Hidden fighters witch at first seems lacking but has the size just right. From Link to Donkey Kong Each Fighter has their own special moves and feel to the way they move giving a sense of Diversity in the cast. There is only one pair of clones Mario and Luigi witch is to be expected with subtle change...

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