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@fisk0: It's arguable whether or not GTA is the better game. This is the internet after all, so everything is arguable and everyone has their own opinion. I'd say story-wise GTA IV is much better (even with its faults) , and carries more of an impact than the Saints Row series could ever attain. At the same time SR isn't about a heavy, emotional storyline. I'd agree with you that SR2 was buggy, but thankfully that didn't ruin my enjoyment. When comparing the two games I just think of which one I had more fun playing. In that case, SR2 takes the cake.
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I understand that the Saints Row games are completely bananas, and that's why I like them. GTA IV may have been a "better game", but for me Saints Row 2 was much more fun to play, especially the co-op. Needless to say I'm pumped for the next installment!

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@JohnPaulVann said:
Sounds like shit. Don't waste people's time covering this game further, please.
Good idea. Don't cover what will most likely be the best selling game of the year. Such a waste ...
I'm starting to lose interest in the COD formula. I've always enjoyed the Battlefield series more, but the COD games just play much more smoothly. The tightness of the controls is something that DICE hasn't seemed to have mastered yet. They are completely different types of games as well. As long as the multiplayer takes some strides in new directions I'm still interested. Otherwise I'll play through the single player campaign and stick to BF3 for my multiplayer fix.
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Pretty damn awesome.

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" Castle Crashers is pretty good. Even better if you've got some people to play with. "
I totally forgot about that one. Another great XBLA game. I'd suggest going through the backlog of XBLA games and downloading some trials. There are a handful of really great games on the service (and a ton of turds). The plus is that every game has a trial version. I'm sure there are some gems you can find. If only navigating through them in the NXE was a little easier.
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" Banjo Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts. I was just playing it yesterday, still tons of fun.  There's probably a few better and/or more obvious choices, but that's what popped into my head. "

I totally second that. That game was a blast. I feel bad that I never finished it, but it's a great game and a fantastic value.
My suggestions:
Crackdown (It's got some problems, but it's a very enjoyable game. You can find it dirt cheap at this point.)
Left 4 Dead/Left 4 Dead 2 (especially if you have a few friends to play with)
Dead Rising (Not particularly my cup of tea, but I know a lot of people who love the game.)
I second all of the XBLA games that were mentioned. Especially Shadow Complex. Amazing game.
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My name is Tom. My Gamertag, PSN ID, and Giant Bomb user name are all TOMetroid. Mainly because it combines my name with my favorite game series (Metroid ... if you didn't pick up on that). I'm just a dude who likes to play video games, read, listen to podcasts, write, watch movies and select television programs (very few), and various other activities. On the game front, I'm into first person shooters, racing games, platformers, and third person action/adventure titles. I can't really get down with RPGs unless they are more heavy on the action and less so on the numbers of it all. My top 3 games of all time would be Metroid Prime, The Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past, and Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory. That's about all I've got at the moment. It's nice to finally start getting active on the forums here.

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I went with Blur because the demo surprised the heck out of me. I wasn't expecting much since what I had seen of the game up to that point was nothing super impressive. I actually thought Bizarre Creations was making a huge mistake in developing this title, but the demo has totally sold me on it. Of course I'm excited for most of the other games on the list as well. Red Dead Redemption, Alan Wake, ModNation Racers, etc. It's going to be, yet another, packed month.