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How could you ever possibly argue against giving someone money for something they worked on?

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So maybe this is a bug as well, but my character is incapable of doing the quick stab finisher and instead only does the drawn out flashy executions, that's fine and all but you can't interrupt them to block. No matter how quickly I tap the button I get the fancy dancey stuff. Anyone else encounter this?

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I feel bad for the thousands that worked on this game. Unity is my favorite ac so far but they'll never here things like that over the the shit talk.

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I hate to be the potentially douchey but.... I don't really get the big deal. Occasionally the frame rate stutters and occasionally something pops in. Games have been like this since the original playstation.

The story is pretty good and it's pretty fun to play. Is all this really the end of the world?

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Feel free to add FAITHINTOMORROW. I'm a 30 year old dude with little tolerance for negativity. I'll be there if you wanna keep things positive.

Central time zone

Right now just leveling in Cod but looking forward to some Co op assassins.

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I didn't have a problem with the moment. If you took the press x part out I don't even think we'd be talking about it. Is it clunky? Sure. I'm just glad one of the best shooters on the market is at least playing with the idea that war isn't all glorious and oscar Mike hoo-ahs.

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Applied as well, I'm faithintomorrow on the ps4

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Another example of how just because you can doesn't mean you should.

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I have maybe five hours a week I get to play a game now. Reviews and the scores are actually a very good tool for me. Had I waited on Destiny I might have seen that it maybe wasn't the best use of my five hours a week.

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Glad to see this on GB. You guys carry a lot of weight in this field and I'm glad you've finally taken a public stance. Thank you.