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Another example of how just because you can doesn't mean you should.

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I have maybe five hours a week I get to play a game now. Reviews and the scores are actually a very good tool for me. Had I waited on Destiny I might have seen that it maybe wasn't the best use of my five hours a week.

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Glad to see this on GB. You guys carry a lot of weight in this field and I'm glad you've finally taken a public stance. Thank you.

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I don't have an HD cable box, so I was going to get it to get all my preds games in HD. Then I found out about all the blackout stuff and changed my mind.

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Do power struggles, but before you engage in them get the Intel on the captain you're trying to kill. Lower Level captains have vulnerabilities that can take them out in one hit.

Let's say there's a captain doing a trial by ordeal, and he's vulnerable to stealth kills. Just climb above him while he's fighting and drop on his head for an instant victory. No need to fight 20 orcs. Plus the runes are key. Equip a bunch of runes that give health regeneration based on your play style.

I had the fourth tier of upgrades unlocked this way before I even got to the second map.

Once you get chain shadow strike and two executions per combo streak, no crowd of orcs will ever be a problem again.

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You're the best man. Can't tell you how much joy you bring to people's lives, I know you've gotten me through some years. Thanks and rest up boss.

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I bought Destiny to be a loot shoot. I'm a satisfied customer. Sometimes Peter dinklage tells me there might be better loot on another planet so I go to the other planet and shoot.

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Rock on man, ill start figuring out how to make it all happen! You can get the basic rules for free on their site which is pretty rad.

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So this might be a little off topic since its the tabletop EnD but I thought I'd give it a shot.

I haven't played DnD in 15 years but I bought the new players handbook and am jonesing to roll some dice.

Problem is I've moved to a new town and when you're 30 it is near impossible to find people to play with.

I was wondering if anyone here would be interested in getting together on Skype or roll20 and try out the new rules sometime.

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The Thor we know is going back to his old axe and is no longer worthy of the hammer. That Thor will be in the avengers comics still. They aren't literally turning him into a girl, that's what Loki is for.