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The Thor we know is going back to his old axe and is no longer worthy of the hammer. That Thor will be in the avengers comics still. They aren't literally turning him into a girl, that's what Loki is for.

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@handlas: I walked away cause I'm a goodie fuckin two shoes, but it felt completely out of character. Unlike something like fable or infamous where the 'bad' choices always feel shoehorned in.

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Overall I really enjoyed the game, I feel like there was a bunch of cynicism in the community around it that weighed down a perfectly fun thriller. The after the credits scene was the only thing that bugged me about the entire game.

After murdering like a billion innocent security guards all of the sudden I'm having a karmic crisis over a dude who killed a tiny child???

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Just wanted to spread the news I saw today. Valve is going to be running a separate stream during the International for people who are new to Dota. They'll be casting the matches while explaining just exactly what in the world is going on. Half the fun is trying to figure out just what a BKB is and why you'd want it, but its a really neat idea. Might help us all get a little more into the action.

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I can get into free roam super easy. However I try once or twice every day but I've not once been able to get into a job or mission. Always says timed out.

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My favorite game of all time. I'm so glad to see it get some love here. Just hearing the music floods back memories from 12 year old Chris. It hit at a time in a kid's life when he starts wondering what's outside the front door and pushing his boundaries. Like the game though, you can't go too far at that age without the help of your family and friends. Now that I'm knocking on 30 and have a family of my own and live on the opposite side of the state from the one that raised me, I still think about curing 'homesickness' like in Earthbound, but this age it's with my mom over Skype while we play Animal Crossing. Such a deep influence on my perception of what it means to make it through life, and to remember those important to you at the end of the day.

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So this morning I went to turn on my eight year old pc to play some Dota, but the old gal didn't breath. Messing with it for a while I've admitted it's finally dead and gone.

Here's the thing, the only reason I ever used that pc was for Dota, and now that it's gone I can't really justify the money just for that. Especially since for the price of a new decent pc I can get a ps4 and a new TV.

Should I just become a dota spectator and invest in something me and my wife can both enjoy, or are there cheap dota machines out there? What do you think?

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It actually sends a positive message. That doesn't really exist in TV anymore. There's a whole episode about how fun samurai swords are.

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Some podcast called Arrow Pointing Down.

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I have chubby bosy. :(