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fucking rough break for everyone that got left out of this.

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i'd go even further, personally. why bother with the middle and the start? they're not really important and don't impact the rest of the story much.

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awful design. looks like a massive wall of text with over sized images thrown about here and there.

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both. i'll buy a physical copy of pretty much any type of media if i like it a lot.

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@Phatmac: porn, i imagine.

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@avidwriter: that's big boss, so it's probably set before mgs1.

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@AuthenticM said:

@OneKillWonder_ said:

Who gives a flying fuck? Seriously. Watching people get so uptight about such trivial shit is simultaneously funny and frustrating.

It's not trivial shit. This shit perpetuates the false notion that girls "don't understand" video games and are bad at them. It's ignorant, insulting and sexist. People like you putting their heads in the sand and pretending that nothing is wrong are part of the problem. Grow up.

yeah but not really. it's not called "STUPID CUNTS CAN'T PLAY GAMES mode", it's called girlfriend mode, i.e. your significant other, i.e. that person you live with that isn't very good at games. take your white knighting elsewhere.

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well we've gotta keep our pitchforks sharp somehow

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game runs at 60fps. 60fps and top notch graphics cannot coexist on current consoles, sadly.

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@Cincaid said:

Metal Gear Solid franchise. I simply cannot fathom how people can hold that story to such heights, it's so damn pretentious and convoluted, and I feel that Kojima is in bad need of a talented editor to cut away all the crap in-between.

But hey, that's my opinion, and I mean no offense to all the fans of the franchise. I just personally can't understand what all the hype is about. :)

should play mgs3 if you haven't. it's largely free of the technobabble and mystic shit.