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@tomshreds: Bethesda have always been clueless when it came to the PS3, also we have heard both versions seems to be running fine. I'd say pick the version where you prefer to play, maybe there will be some dumb timed exclusive DLC down the line but nothing has been announced.

You're right, I should get the one from the console I like to play the most.

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You can Preorder it digitally on Psn, but downloading an 8 gb file on Psn will probably take a few hours at least. Not to mention the thousands and thousands of others who'll be downloading it as well. This game if going to have a huge launch, I'd imagine if you live relatively close to any reputable games retailer they'll likely be selling the game at midnight.

So much truth, I should have learnt from my other other pre-order in the past hehe

There's a Futureshop and an EB games near, I pre-ordered it from EB games but still if I could grab it a midnight I'd be very happy XD


There's ONE thing that prevents me from pre-ordering it on PS3:

- A few years ago I bought Red Dead Redemption on PS3 and I always had a lot of troubles playing it. It's SUPER laggy.

- I bought it once again on sale for 360, and it's working fine!

Bottom line: that's a Rockstar game, sufferingly laggy on PS3 but totally fine on 360.

I'm worried. Thanks all

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Update: Now it's possible to digitally pre-order via PSN. That brings me to the question:

In the past, weird stuff like Bethesda not being able to release DLCs for Skyrim on PS3 happened which worries me. Do you think PS3's version will be as good as 360's version?

I have both systems and love both, I play them all the time so it's just a question of game quality and delivery speed hehe

I pre-ordered using EB Games but I guess Digital Preorder would be so much faster since I'll be able to download it at midnight if I'm not mistaken. Any advice? Thanks!

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@oscar__explosion said:

Digital pre orders are the dumbest thing. Unless maybe you can download it before launch and then play it day one.

That's what I usually do, while people wait to get their game the next morning, I start playing right at midnight as there's no stores willing to stay open this late near where I live.

Maybe they'll make an exception for GTA though, I heard they did one for *cough* COD *cough*.

Thanks for the replies!

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@animasta said:

they would never announce the release date of the PC version before the console one comes out.

I think the same, but if I preorder and they announce the PC version a little while after. I'LL BE PISSED! haha

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I read that the game takes up two whole disks, retail version so that kind of made me wonder: will it be available to download the game on release date or we will all have to wait for our hard copy to arrive in the mail to play?

I'd preorder right now but I'm still unsure.

Also, since there's no PC option yet which should I chose? Based on some bad PS3 experience with Skyrim DLCs, etc I think I'll pick the 360 version. But on the other side, I play Last of Us and it plays nicely on it. Meh anyways, what do you think?

Any digital preorder yet?

Thanks and have a nice day!

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Just for further references she is located in the "Temple of Kynareth".

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Since friday I've played about 10 hours so far. Not enough in my opinion. NEED MOAR TIME!!!

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@AlisterCat: Thanks! I'll look that up!

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I've been looking for someone called "Danica" in Whiterun for about an hour and I'm starting to wonder if she is really in there hehe.

Does anyone knows where she could be in Whiterun?

Thanks you!

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@AuthenticM: Very good question, I'm interested about that as well. Thanks for asking.