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this? Law and Order, cookies and cream, bed and breakfast...

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i guess why I got drunk after the first 3 litters.

Say what? 3 liters of wine is 4 bottles (750 ml standard), quality wine has an alcohol content of around 14 %, which means that you just drank around 300 ml of pure alcohol over the course of, what sounds like, a fairly short amount of time. You sir, would be neither "mildly" or "maybe a little more than mildly" drunk. Let's say you weigh around 200 lb and is not a veteran alcoholic, that'd make for a blood alcohol percentage of around 0,4 (accounting for a decrease in BAC of 0,01 every 40 minutes), which brings you pretty fucking close to dead.

Either way, drinking and gaming is awesome. Getting buzzed and playing Journey for the first time is one of the best times I've had with a game this generation.

Yeh he/she is trying to come over as cool.

I think drinking by yourself and playing games is pretty sad, playing games with other youve been out drinking can be fun though, Fight night is great as is sumotori for money.

well, if he drank it all within 30 minutes it might take a while unitl it affects him. He hasnt posted for an hour now...

I dont think its bad if people want to drink alone, some people prefer to be alone in daytime as well, whats the difference with drinking alone at night?

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Having lived in Japan for 4 years and now living in China i can tell you that Japan is a far better place to live if youre looking for video games.

However, if you want to make friends i would recommend China over Japan because most young people in China can speak at least a little bit english. Also, the Internet in China is sloooow, im annoyed at the speed of my Internet but from what i have heard from my chinese friends, it is far above average.

Also remember that some sites like youtube and facebook are banned in China, there are ways around it but most of them cost money

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Isnt the girl Hyuna???

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I do recognize though that this is a very shitty definition on all levels, not the least logically, because the word feminism is not gender neutral. The feminists that want a privileged position in society for women also call themselves feminists and have a greater claim to the title than those that merely wants to balance the feminine and masculine genders in society - so one ought not to ever use the word feminism to describe gender equality.


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around 7 hours. Depends on if i went to the gym, school, drinking etc. But the average is around 7

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Starcraft: BW

Toejam & Earl

The Football manager serie

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I usually set alarm on my clock, cell phone and tv to ring at the same time. Somehow, i still oversleep half of the time, it has even woken up my neighbour at a couple of occasions, so i guess im a pretty heavy sleeper

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So your mom pays for your food, clothes and school, shes doing your laundry, make food for you, cleans the house etc.

What are you doing for her? Shes your mom, not your slave.

And did you tell your mom to shut up???

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My worst one is probably a mountain bike accident, I kinda looked like two-face, the left side was all messy and the right side un-harmed. I still have 3 visible scars on my face from it