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#1 Edited by Tondo (129 posts) -

Great job everyone !

#2 Posted by Tondo (129 posts) -

Oh man, those are incredible. Cant wait for the next episode !

#3 Posted by Tondo (129 posts) -

Good news.

Hope they have a better solution for getting the actually good games to people and not let all the shit that polluted Xbox live indie games be a distraction.. dont really want to see something like "fart master" etc. as top download on the games section :P

#4 Posted by Tondo (129 posts) -

God damn, thats a promising looking list of games !

#5 Posted by Tondo (129 posts) -

Damn, I'm speechless. Thanks for sharing Joey.

#6 Posted by Tondo (129 posts) -

Still feels like a bad dream.

RIP Ryan and my deepest condolences to your family and friends.

#7 Edited by Tondo (129 posts) -

Holy shit if true ! Already pre-ordered the console, even with all the DRM stuff in but I wont complain if they decide to remove them!

Competition is good as they say.. but lets wait for the official word first.

#8 Posted by Tondo (129 posts) -

Great showing from MS for sure. Lots of great looking games ! Titan Assault looked fucking incredible as did Quantum Break (hope to see some in depth gameplay..) Forza and Ryse at launch ? nice. Also good to have confirmation of Witcher 3. Too much promising stuff overall.

The price does not really bother me. I was thinking it might be even more than it is. The pack in Kinect is given to take the price higher.. Sony might do the smart thing and not force the camera to everyone and in the process have cheaper console with more power.

#9 Posted by Tondo (129 posts) -

Sad day for sure. Always loved when you were part of some random content and I truly hope we get to see you again with the guys in the future in some way ! (maybe the snakepit will return someday?) What about the Blade Runner and other random old pc-games ?!

Good luck and im sure you will do great in what ever you decide to do next !

#10 Posted by Tondo (129 posts) -

Looks like a good list. Glad to see La-Mulana finally getting its place on Steam ! Also hoping War For The Overworld lives up to the hype of being the "next dungeon keeper"..

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