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Nicely done. Cant wait for the next season.

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Good list. Gotta thank Vinny for championing The Fall. Such a great indie gem !

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Sad news. Somehow I had a feeling for the past few months that this was going to happen. Sucks to loose another duder, but Im sure that Patrick will excel in, what ever it is he decides to do in the future. Best of luck to you Patrick ! By the way, thank god for Dan or the site would be in real trouble content wise after Patricks departure..

Now the next fear of mine is when will Vinny post similar news ? :( Hopefully not in the near future !

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Hah playtime 8-12 hours on act 2.. Ill believe it when I see it. Would be awesome if that was the case but Im afraid, Double Fine is over promising once again :/

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Nice job guys. Good to see these kind of tributes to Ryan showing up in games.

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Great job everyone !

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Oh man, those are incredible. Cant wait for the next episode !

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Good news.

Hope they have a better solution for getting the actually good games to people and not let all the shit that polluted Xbox live indie games be a distraction.. dont really want to see something like "fart master" etc. as top download on the games section :P

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God damn, thats a promising looking list of games !