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I know this is an old topic, but I'm still having this same issue on my Galaxy S III with Google Chrome. I am hoping this will be resolved sometime in the near future..

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@Nodima said:

Comedy is always about degrading somebody,

No it isn't. Some may use that as a crutch, but it isn't always about degradation.

That's also a pretty lazy excuse to trash somebody for having two X chromosomes or different levels of melanin in their skin. Peeps are peeps, you can be funny without making them feel bad.

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I'm glad to hear that developers are finally getting the message that a lot of people aren't interested in playing a game that holds your hand the whole way through. Making it optional is also a good move.

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E.Y.E. is one of the worst games I've had the unfortunate experience of playing. Even the title is awful. What the fuck is "divine cybermancy"?