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This seemed inevitable.

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I am astounded at the lack of Ikiru love in this thread. Disappointing!

I think that if you're picking a "best ever" list, it has to include Ikiru, Ran, Throne of Blood, and (of course) Seven Samurai. I could see a case for Yojimbo, too.

My person favorite will always be Rashomon, though the ones I mentioned above (especially Throne of Blood, goddamn that final arrow scene!) are always in contention. I've spent the most time thinking and writing about Rashomon, though, so I may be a bit biased.

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Preface: I check Yahoo! News about once a day because it helps my trivia team dominate on Thursday nights. Seriously, the stuff they put up as "news" is just insane sometimes, however...

Today while browsing Yahoo! News, I noticed this posted on the front page:

I would have never guessed that Eve Online would make it to the front page of Yahoo. But there you have it. What a bizarre game. I'm so glad people actually invest time in it.

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So I finished my NG+ in Rogue Legacy at around 100 or so children. I felt it was such a brilliant game that it warranted another playthrough; furthermore, I had more upgrades to pick up and the raised difficulty in the zones made it a new, challenging endeavor.

Upon finishing my NG+, I was quite surprised to see that Rogue Legacy offers a second NG+. I could not possibly fathom what could hook me for a 3rd go around, so I loaded up a new child and went into the castle again. And holy fuuuuuck - Rogue Legacy is CRAZY on the second NG+!

I'm talking 3-4 blue eye balls spewing red shit all over the screen, ice mages launching thousands of icicles, fire mages throwing the HUGE fireballs in packs of 3-4. All of this in the first 2-3 tiles I loaded up.

With that, I do believe I'm done with Rogue Legacy. It is a brilliant game I'd recommend to almost anybody, but yo, you'd have to be mad to go through with a second NG+. At level 165, I'm calling it quits, and I salute anybody who continues the grind for gold!

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I finished my first playthrough at approximately 65. I think I topped 100 going through a new game plus; it also doesn't help that I simply cannot play anything except a Hokage, Assassin, Paladin, or Barbarian. Being able to re-roll your 3 children was the best upgrade I ever purchased in that game!

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@eujin: Really?! I found the final boss to a real breeze. Beat it in 2-3 attempts, I believe. I found the Dungeon (zone 4) boss to be quite easy, too. Although the later zones are definitely tougher, the bosses at the end were slightly disappointing. I may have also just gotten lucky and rolled paladins and barbarians at the end (my two favorite classes). I finished the game around level 90-93ish. Hooray for NG+!

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Love this game. I've played 4 hours so far - 2 bosses down and I'm at about level 37 or so. Quick question for those playing: is vampirism equipment really worth losing that much base health? I'm assuming you get HP back per hit - how much HP?

I think I need to grind for a lot more gold, but I've mostly just concentrated on beating the bosses so far. Only complaint I have (and this may just be a personal problem) is that none of the classes except for barbarian or paladin seem worth playing. Those two are the most plain, but they have the highest base health by far. Miner is intriguing but doesn't bring in enough extra gold to make the risk of low health/damage worthwhile. Shinobi is also all right, I love the extra damage, but again they just feel too vulnerable.

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@legion_: I recommend them wholeheartedly to just about anyone who has the free time or is an avid reader (not even just a typical "fantasy reader"). I've blown through all of them, and I've even had to wait on the releases of the last 2; the changing and world-traversing POV chapter style keeps you reading like you have a kind of addiction. Martin has truly mastered the end of chapter 'cliffhanger' - to an almost frustrating extent.

The books will certainly open up a lot of the different POVs to you, and the show has undoubtedly focused on a few characters who get less time in the books - namely Robb.

As another bit of foreshadowing: all of the Stark family members have really interesting and important stuff coming up for them in future seasons.

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NOTE: Some very, very vague "spoilers" may follow.

The titular question isn't even worth addressing, as it is absurd. I will simply say that I do think the TV show makes it harder to 'latch' onto a breadth of characters. In the books, this is quite easy. For example, Jamie quickly became one of my favorite POV characters after Martin introduced him in A Storm of Swords. Furthermore, while some families seem extraordinarily loathsome in the first 2 novels, the introduction of multiple/new POV characters make these families/factions interesting, if not sympathetic.

As a sweeping and perhaps unhelpful generalization, people who I've talked with tend to really enjoy following story arcs in the books: Tyrion, Jon Snow, Daenarys, and Arya. For what it's worth, I've always found the entire Greyjoy family, Jamie, Tyrion, and Daenarys to be among my favorites. Arya is a great Stark character, and I think the show does Sansa's arc and character a bit of a disservice. As I recall, she is supposed to be quite young - and naive - and in the show she just appears a bit older than I imagined her. Few people I've spoken with ever mention Cat Stark as a "favorite," though it was from her POV that we heard the most about Robb's war efforts. I think people, ESPECIALLY show watchers, will have a hard time detaching from the Starks because we were introduced to so many of them so quickly (and the wolves are bad fucking ass); they were our first lens through which we could experience this violent world. I hope you keep up watching, as the plots continue to thicken and the political/familial intrigue continues - just from new angles.

And, just as a general bit of extremely vague foreshadowing: major characters will continue to die. If you simply cannot accept that, I'm not sure what will help you. By the end of A Dance with Dragons, Martin makes it exceptionally clear that characters who continuously make ill-advised decisions that put them in immediate danger can and will die. Also, a lot of seemingly savvy characters are in grave danger, too. Look out!

This post is already too long - hopefully you stick with the show!