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Man, they put Prince of Persia on everything, didn't they? It seemed to be the one PC game that got ported everywhere 'til Doom came along. I wonder if the port was any good.

I'm surprised that there were that many CD games released in the US. The TG16 was pretty much on its last legs at this point, wasn't it? Probably would've done with some better marketing. (Remember Johnny Turbo.)

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Awesome to get mentioned, I appreciate it. :)

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A great spotlight, as always. I've been trying to get back into writing blogs at GB for random gaming-related stuff, and I just did a text dump of Stuff I played in January. I think I need to add a few pictures, though...

(EDIT: Went back and added pictures. Now it looks presentable! :P)

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Might as well share my "Completed games of 2014" list since making a GOTY list would consist of nothing. I don't even know if I played anything that came out this year. :P

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gPodder is what I use. It's strictly a podcast aggregator, I use Winamp to listen to the files on a PC. I don't think Winamp has a "save your place" option, though.

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The highest stuff I sold was CS:GO stuff: A Stattrak FAMAS Doomkitty for $3 when the Arms Deal update hit, Operation Bravo cases when they were new and selling for a buck a piece, even sold older crates like series 1 and Esports 2013 which went for about a dollar during one of the major tournaments.

I was holding on to some trading cards, but after realizing I don't like Red Orchestra 2, Rise of the Triad or Dead Island that much to craft the badge, I decided to part with them and make some small amount of change here and there. Problem is most stuff is like 5 cents or less, so unless you find something rare like a foil card, it's probably better to hold onto them. Then again, I have CS:GO Dreamhack and Katowice stuff that's going for $6-20 each on the marketplace...

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Dumb question: Has anyone archived the Twitch archives of Jeff's individual streams? While most of them were "dumb" drive-by commentaries, I don't want us to lose him playing Last Ninja and trying to beat it for 4 hours. Not sure if the other bombers had dedicated Twitch channels with old stuff like that.

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Adding myself to the "notifications haven't worked in months" pile. Most recent notification is a blog entry from late May. Oddly have the same exact problem at GameSpot.

I wonder why the notifications are broken on both sites.

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Well, he did do an advertisement for Sega's online service back in the Dreamcast days, so I'm not surprised he's still big into games.

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I usually get games after their release in complete/GOTY editions anyway, so all of this lame approach to pre-order stuff ain't gonna mean much. Especially since Arkham City GOTY ended up getting all that content in the same package anyway.

Basically, if this is their way to get people to pre-order, I'm more than happy to pick the game up complete months down the line to combat this bullshit. Others should follow suit.