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I usually get games after their release in complete/GOTY editions anyway, so all of this lame approach to pre-order stuff ain't gonna mean much. Especially since Arkham City GOTY ended up getting all that content in the same package anyway.

Basically, if this is their way to get people to pre-order, I'm more than happy to pick the game up complete months down the line to combat this bullshit. Others should follow suit.

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I wonder if NBCUniversal has a plan to rerererereboot G4. Then again, I'm on DirecTV which axed the G4 network a year or two ago, so I'm not losing anything.

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Man, people are just now finding out about this? I remember watching it when it was new back in 2005. Hell, I covered the same thing shortly after the Xbox One announcement. It's here if you prefer more words and dumber humor.

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At this point, the only thing that bothers me are ads you can accidentally mouse over and take up part of the webpage/start blaring a loud trailer in your ears, and video ads before/during a video, especially ones as long or longer than certain videos. If we could get away from the former and shift the latter to having them at the end of videos, then I'd probably stop using AdBlock Plus.

Otherwise, my policy is "keep it on unless they say turn it off." Giant Bomb is one example, and more should do the same.

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@boozak said:

He gave Vanquish a 5/10. He's not God's gift to anything ;p I'm aware reviews are opinions but when your main arguement against the game is not being able to utlilize the mechanics given to you then you shouldnt be playing action games let alone reviewing them.

Anyway, on the subject of the lastest twit drama i'm more surprised Marcus Beer acknowledged that Annoyed Gamer isnt very good. Personally I dont mind him on Invisble Walls but Annoyed Gamer is fucking terrible. And Phil Fish is acting like a drama queen, but I guess not everyone revels in people throwing childish insults at you over the internet.

Your counter-argument is "He disliked a game that I liked." That's a pretty weak way to discredit the guy. If I followed your mindset, I'd hate Alex because he gave Delta Force Xtreme a 7/10 when I hated it.

I could understand arguments like "Not a fan of his attitude," but to dislike him over a review score is dumb.

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@Demoskinos said:

They better put in Mecha Hitler or no buy man. NO BUY.

Dude, you killed Mecha Hitler in the first Wolfenstein game. Why resurrect him?

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Put this in perspective, regarding Patrick. The previous news guy was a muscle-bound Geddy Lee-looking goofball who wrote terrible headlines and stole junk from Kotaku all the time. While Patrick may not be cut from the same cloth as everybody else on GB, he is a valuable asset and a drastic improvement.

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@MonkeyKing1969 said:

This really ticks me off, the game industry keep interviewing Jordan Mechner and he keeps mispronouncing the name, and they he start making the interviewer mispronounce the name. Karateka is a WORD in Japanese, so even if you don't pronounce it in 'perfect' Japanese there is no reason to change the sounds and add emphasis to the wrong syllable.

That's how he pronounces it, thus that's how it's pronounced. Who cares if it's not accurate?

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@Fredchuckdave said:

Painkiller is a modern version of Doom, hate to break it to you bud. I guess if Painkiller had color coded key cards you'd like it more? Or if you automatically aimed everything?

Painkiller has you go into arenas and kill dudes until you get to the next checkpoint. Doom's goal was to find the exit, killing enemies and finding keys along the way. Different experiences, different games.

To call Painkiller and Serious Sam successors of the classic FPS formula is just wrong. They're more like "enemy hell" shooters.

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@FlarePhoenix said:

One thing I wish they did have (and maybe they do; someone correct me on this if I am wrong) is one video from each of the premium content available to everyone. There are a few premium series that look interesting (like Jeff's Jar Time), but it's hard for me to know if they're worth investing in. Being able to see one episode, and go "yeah, that was good; I want to see more of that" would help a lot. Though I suppose you can just sign up for a month and do it that way, but I think it would help nonetheless.

Am I the only one who thinks early premium content should be free by now? I think they're probably not getting much money out of the old Happy Hours from 2010, I'd say make certain paid content free after a certain period of time. But hey, whatever works for them.