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It should've been more like the game show with five-player online competition. So much potential gone to waste...

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Am I the only one who would find it funny if they decided to make it some pure third-person shooter and that it's actually good?

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Oh god, not a Black sequel. I thought the first one was insipid and flawed on several levels. They'd have to do a lot, and I mean A LOT, to get me anywhere interested in it. Otherwise I'll save my cash for FPSes that were actually good.

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Time to go grab the Timesplitters games and Second Sight while they're cheap...

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Quick question, GB users. Isn't this game kinda rare? Bought it at a Goodwill for $5, I wanna hear your input.

Final Fantasy Tactics for the PS1, Greatest Hits edition.

Not big on the whole Japan RPG thing. Less so of Tactical JRPGs. But I was standing there thinking "Isn't this game kinda rare?" and snagged it not caring if I was gonna play it. What do you think, sirs?
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Damn, son. I feel sorry for anybody who's still at GameSpot, they've been treated like dog shit since the Gerstmann fiasco. Wouldn't be surprised if the site goes under by next year.

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I just wasted time in there mucking around in the Uncharted and Far Cry 2 spaces playing Mandala with bullet casings and playing some 2D Atari-looking arcade game.

I should hate this. But for some reason I feel indifferent to it all.

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So it seems like another terrible shooter by Spark Unlimited. Have they ever made anything good?

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I didn't like Everything or Nothing as much as I enjoyed Nightfire. It just seemed clunky and the driving levels were terrible. Although every EA Bond game had that issue. Goldeneye is good, yes, but I still feel it's more nostalgia than anything. It worked in 1997, and like most PS1/Saturn/N64 games, age has not taken well to it.

So what's QOS worth? $30? I was gonna buy it full price but I heard that the short time it takes to beat the singleplayer slightly deterred me from an immediate purchase.

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I understand it's coming out and it's being hyped to all hell. That's as much as I know of it.

I never played the first two Fallout games, and outside of Good Old Games there is no easy way to purchase the older titles. Although I did see a "Fallout collection" with the first two and Tactics. And it was in a Fry's Electronics. At $20. And I didn't buy it. Stupid stupid stupid.

Either way, I don't care for it because I've never played the first two, and it seems like Oblivion with guns. The Elder Scrolls series disinterested me because it looked so drawn out and boring after a while, and Fallout 3 doesn't seem to buck said trend.

So yeah, wait for the collection to never come out and get it at $40 in two years. Sounds about right.