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@Sarumarine: The "No Rest for the Living" levels were made exclusively for the XBLA port by two guys who handled the port at Nerve Software. More info here.

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The level design is mostly crap in Doom II because 90% of it was done by Sandy Petersen, with a smattering of levels done by other designers (John Romero, American McGee, etc). According to an interview with somebody at id, they said that Sandy made ugly but functional levels, and that's mostly true. The levels were better in Ultimate Doom by far.

I'm glad you had fun with it, it's the sort of game that's still fun today despite being bested by many other games.

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I played Chaos Theory. I hated its trial-and-error gameplay, as well as its clunky control and gunplay. Conviction streamlined it for the best. Blacklist seems to be a successor to that formula, and that's okay.

I honestly don't see the "Third person COD" argument. You still have to sneak, you're just given more options. Nothing sucked than getting forced into a frustrating gunfight if you got spotted, at least in Conviction I could save my ass with a simple melee takedown and not get attention. If anything I'd love to see the older SC games with the mechanics of Conviction/Blacklist. I bet that'd make the games 10 times more enjoyable.

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I can't read RPS these days, it's just a bunch of cynical PC gamers telling all the "console kids" to get off their lawn. That and how they furiously masturbate to some bullshit indie game nobody will give a fuck about in a week's time makes them pretentious arthouse douchebags. I couldn't stand the snooty nature of their site so I removed them from their RSS and feel better as a result.

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Treyarch Call of Duty games have been pretty solid for the most part. Yes, even COD3. I'm not gonna be there day one, but I'll wait and see.

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@countinhallways said:

You are going to be playing so many awful James Bond games over the next few weeks. D:

Goldeneye Rogue Agent and From Russia with Love are the only ones I'd classify as "awful." Nightfire was the shit and the best James Bond game and I reject anyone who says otherwise.

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So this is Frequency 3, then? I'm okay with this.

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I'm gonna be honest, I'll buy one of those dumb uDraw tablets the moment they go on clearance for $20. Just because I find peripheral gaming fascinating. Hell, I bought into the Guitar Hero/Rock Band fad a couple years late but enjoyed it all the same, so why not this dinky little tablet thing?

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@soundlug said:

@TonicBH: I visited Destructoid a lot sometime ago, and I need to tell you: just little hyperbolic is not exactly my description of him. He deserves the hate, but in this case, you know whate they say: "even a stopped clock gives the right time twice a day."

I disagree. Sterling is an abrasive man and I think that's why he has a bigger group of haters more than any IGN editor does. He's relatively blunt in his opinions and people aren't used to "blunt" opinions. Tom Chick gives similar, abrasive opinions that clash with many; yet he doesn't get anywhere close to the vitriol Sterling gets. This is coming from one who was in the Sterling hate camp, now I see a man that's occasionally annoying and somehow gets people's panties in a twist over absolutely nothing.

And if you're going to start listing games that he scored "lower" or "higher" than everybody else (Deadly Premonition, for example) as your reasoning why he sucks, then I'm out of this conversation because that arguing about review scores is for retarded, whiny fanboys.

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@august said:

Jim Sterling is fine. A little hyperbolic.

This. Don't understand the hate, I think it's just people not getting how he works.