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Hey, with Game Gear games on the 3DS, kids will get to experience the horror that was Sonic the Hedgehog 2 on the Game Gear. Except with a less shittier screen. :V

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He argues that gamers get angry and enraged, people then dump on them for "making rehashes" when they've probably never played a COD past COD4, if they've ever played one for more than five minutes.  
There are too many people in this thread being outright hypocrites about this. It makes you look incredibly stupid in hindsight.

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This thread is terrible. You couldn't attempt to give the reasons WHY you hated MOH or Black Ops? We're not mindreaders, people! We need arguments to support our opinions!

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Most game sites already do that. 90% of the time, the reviewer does not go to previews or trade show events involving said game.

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@Rayfield said:
" @TonicBH said:

" It's called HL2: Episode Three. Stop saying Half-Life 3. It's not gonna be L4D3 either.     "

Announcing Half-Life 2: anything in 2010 (or the far future) is completely insane from a marketing standpoint.  It will be called Half-Life 3 (when it finally happens). "
That answer sounds very stupid. Half-Life 3 needs to be a drastic jump into a new time period and world, not just an easy sequel that finishes the HL2 saga. Don't apply other developer's logic to Valve, it never works. 
It will still be called Half-Life 2: Episode Three. They've gone this far, they can't change it now without having to do some really weird explanations for new players.
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 It's called HL2: Episode Three. Stop saying Half-Life 3. It's not gonna be L4D3 either.    

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@CaLe said:
" The fact that there aren't more people like Jim Sterling. He's great. "
Pretty much this. I never understood the hate for him. At all.
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Where the fuck is the "Jim is an attention-seeking whore" logic coming from? Outside of giving Kane & Lynch 2 a 1 and a Deadly Premonition a 10, I don't see anything wrong with his reviews.

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651. For those having trouble with Bad Seeds #6: Think of the people involved, not the location itself. It's in the related concepts page of one of the pages. 
(Yes, the rest are COD4/MW2 characters, with the last one being pretty obvious if you've followed the series at all before COD4.)

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@RsistncE said:
" @scarletsnake: I think OP was referring more to the single player which was developed by Splash Damage...or was it Danger Close? Can't even remember the dev's name. "
Danger Close.