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Thanks for typing up the whole conversation, it was definitely all worth reading. I love developer interviews and getting into the process of making games. As a guilty pleasure, I also love reading people talking shit about scummy free to play games.

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Awesome, Patrick. Your stories about game communities and the people in them are always my favorite.

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Sad to see the band break up, but looking forward to the new stuff. You'll still be the only website on the internet worth paying for.

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It looks pretty weird to me, but they're totally fine with people using an xbox controller or mouse and keyboard so really who cares? It'll work for people who like it and everyone else will just use what they want. I really hope it turns out to be cool because hey, new input, it's been a while.

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It blows my mind how god damn dense some of you are.

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Getting to play as a different special operations group from each of the different races would be so great, that's what I'd like to see.

Salarians: Go around doing all sorts of spying/sabotage/information warfare.

Asari: Lead squads on tactical strikes around the galaxy.

Turians: Take part in huge battles with ship to ship combat.

Drell: Skink around urban environments tracking and murdering motherfuckers.

Humans: Sort of did them already.

Krogan: Punch and/or shoot everything until it stops moving. Story reasons for fights are optional.

Elcor: Stand around and look at stuff, I don't know. Maybe skip these guys.

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@insanejedi said:

Ah god damn it. This already exists, It's called wireless HDMI and it works perfectly fine today. Just hook it up into your desktop, then your TV and then you have steam on your TV without moving the gigantic box.

It costs way too much as it is now. I'm not going to spend $150 - $200 for that.

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Most people just want to play PC games, just the vocal ones are dicks about it. I don't think that expecting a game to run nicely is asking too much. They can say all they want that they're not doing a good job, but that doesn't really excuse anything. If you're a programmer and someone is paying you to do a job, telling your boss that you're working hard but that you aren't doing a very good job is a pretty great way to get fired. The analogy isn't perfect, but they aren't charging 'not a very good job' prices.

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The point isn't that anybody cares about the 30 plays limit. The point is that it's hilarious that Nintendo decided to do that. Nobody who can buy their own games is going to play a demo 30 times. Nobody. On the other hand, someone who only plays demos is NEVER going to buy the game. They played a demo 30 god damn times, they obviously don't want to spend the money, they'll just find another demo.

I don't start most of my retail games more than 30 times!

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