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I have been harrassing drew to quicklook this for a few months. Glad he is finally showing interest. If anyone wants to play let me know. Name in game is Duesdextera. All my nations are around level 11

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Playing through it for my first time, and streaming it on if any of you want to come give me some advise.

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Yea, Still cant get it on either. This update has been a total shit show. Hope the guys can get it under control quickly

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Anyone know whats up with it? Seems to have just gone bye bye on the Zune Marketplace. I refuse to install Itunes so hopefully this gets fixed.

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"I can't like this ironically because I'm not a hipster." But you are a dick.

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segment called "This shouldn't be a thing" showing wither games that should not have been made, or just trends that need to stop. I know playing more bad games is not something you would look forward to ,but truthfully you are good at critiquing these things.

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name is SanitaryMatress looking forward to playing with you guys

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Name is SanitaryMatress cant wait to play with ya.

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why all the wm7 hate? I have a 7 phone and love it! Purchased it after have android, iPhone,and 3gs phone. I love the thing compared to the rest. It may not have a great app store for games, but it is super fast and has all the useful apps I need.

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I got stuck on one of the lower tires. I couldn't get the right hop.

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