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The robber looked apprehensive, if it was someone more aggressive wielding that knife the bat would stand no chance.

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@starvinggamer: This.

That fall from Tomb Raider had no impact whatsoever because it had no consequence, I had forgotten it even happened until this thread.

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Wow, I watched the entire episode and the woman is no doubt delusional. I was kind of disgusted to see all those customers contributing to the waste by showing up just for the vanity of the awful food though.

Part of me feels bad for her because she probably does genuinely feel like the world is out to get her.

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I seem to be in the minority here in thinking that the new revision looks a whole lot better than the original 2010 version. Surprised at the inclusion of squad recruitment, hopefully there's permadeath for your squaddies. Very much looking forward to this!

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@harlechquinn: In general, how are you finding the combat? Has there been any shooting so far? Also, are you using KB&M or controller?

I've only gotten the first gun in the game so far but in my opinion "shooting" isn't the right way to describe it. The gun acts more like the grappling hook you get in Batman games where you lock on and hit the bound key.

Played about two hours so far and aside from some movement/combat jank and odd writing, I'm really digging this game.

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I'm in the Vancouver, BC area and it seems like Best Buy and Future Shop received a huge shipment yesterday. All the stores located near me were in stock for about 15 minutes before being sold out/reserved. Just got to keep at it I guess, I managed to snag a reservation that I'll be picking up tonight!

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Not this again..

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I'm glad you made this topic. When I had finished the game, the first thought in my mind was that I regret not telling Clementine I'll miss her. When that prompt came up, I used all of the allotted time. I ended up picking "Don't be afraid" because it seemed like it's what she needed in that situation to pick herself up and continue moving without Lee. Says something amazing about the game that I cared so much about such a tiny detail though.

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Looks to be a terrible rip-off.

Buying for hats.