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@shadowskill11: no network problems at all my download is at 12 mbps

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have been getting 1 mb/s download so 2k14 patch is taking about 3 hours to download frustrating but what are you gonna do...warframe has been downloading for 2 days and is about 60% done

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yea anytime what is a man to do with 2 codes

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yea, pretty sure steam is required to play....skrams, kramer, and hunk gonna random number generate who gets it to be fair.....put in 1-3 it drew number 1....gonna pm the code to skrams

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any duders going to put the game to good use...i bought it on amazon a while ago and never used the code, and then i mistakenly bought it on the steam sale.

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western mass here i would be down for a meetup, but unfortunately i am pretty busy at work...maybe i will take some time off for pax east

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First time for me was arrow pointing down cast number 1

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if you want to play a really questionable console rpg try enchanted arms awesome how from software developed that game and then turned a 180 and did the souls games.

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the first game got boring quick, but ill pick up the 2nd one on a price drop....they improved on the boringness of the game and it plays a lot more like a campaign map rather than a left 4 dead style...was watching the devs stream some missions of it on twitch last week

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i have beaten him legit and by using a cheap way....if you want to be cheap just to get by him and see the rest of the game....use the giant bone to the left to your advantage and hide behind it...he tends to get stuck on the bone and gets all confused....some range magic will speed the battle along but while he is running against the bone you can get in a melee hit or two and back away. If he gets to close to you just run around for a little and lure him back to that bone.