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I wish we had a Jeff centric feature. Watching Jeff play games he enjoys is the best kind of content. Whether its retro games or more current stuff, the site just needs more Jeff.

That's actually a really good idea. I like everyone on giantbomb, but Jeff is the is probably the only person that I think can hold down a video by himself. Back in the day, the "Points" videos used to be amazing despite it was just him riffing for an hour.

Brad or Patrick or Vinny live streaming a game for an hour just isn't must see tv most of the time.

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Phantasy Star 2 all day son!

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100.10 Million

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Phantasy Star 2.

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I have seen pretty much all of them. Let's rank them!

Paths of Glory - I rewatched this and it still totally holds ups. I wouldn't describe myself as anti-war, but WW1 is a total cluster, so a good setting to tackle war careerism. If I was teaching a class, I would pair this with Starship Troopers (the book) to compare the pros and cons of the chain of command.

Barry Lyndon - I feel like Barry Lyndon is kinda like watching someone else play an RPG. Obviously super long but if you're ready for it, it's really enjoyable. Really showed me that dueling is fucking horrifying. Amazing tension in those during those parts.

Eyes Wide Shut - Post A Clockwork Orange all his movies seem to have unnecessary boobs in them, but this one being about sex made it seem the less gratuitous. I enjoyed the dreamy vibe and the creepy I want to fuck a sailor speech. I reminded me of Persona (Bergman not Endurance Run).

2001: A Space Odyssey - I kinda hated this movie when I saw it because I think I was a little young. In retrospect I like it better, but it still has an issue were they made it unnecessarily vague. The plot of the book is the plot of the movie. They just made it vague so asshats can make up whatever BS interpretation they want.

Full Metal Jacket - I also saw this a little young, but I remember loving the first half and being bored with the second.

Spartacus - This one feels the least like Kubrick but was still a nice Hollywood epic. It made me realize that dying fathers seeing their son for the first time (this and Star Trek the Reboot) is like one of two things that will instantly make me teary.

The Killing - This was pretty good, just maybe a little too early in his career and film in general to be crazy good.

Dr. Strangelove - I'll get to this later but I hate Peter Sellers. The fact I put it this high is a compliment to this movie despite him.

The Shining - This is fine, but I wasn't really blown away. I actually like the made for TV version better because I like the Stephen King plot more. I think it works better when he's corrupted instead of just generically evil.

A Clockwork Orange - I feel like this movie is just thematically bankrupt. I more or less agree with the Rodger Ebert review, and I didn't like how they treated the rape. They would like rip the lady's shirt in such a way where it seems like they were showing off how big her boobs were and it seemed oddly gratuitous. Also the book was better.

Lolita - Speaking of the book being better, this movie is so fucking bad. And fuck Peter Sellers. I get you can't do Lolita justice in a movie, but man this was awful. I get that voice overs in movies based on books is lame, but come on. Lolita is about Humbert Humbert's amazing internal monologue, and somehow this became a Peter Sellers ham-off.

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I played a lot of Starcraft 2 for two years, and I played a lot of Guitar Hero in general but mostly III for 2 years.

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@bucklebutt: Hey, I like Foxtrot! I'm going to go listen to Willow Farm now.

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I agree. I refuse to play any game that doesn't prominently feature straight white males. I played half way through Portal, realized I was a lady, and never played it again.

More seriously, this is the only gay character I can think of, that and the cursed monkey from I have no mouth and I must scream.

Wait, now that I think about it, probably the Mass Effect games would actually be good. If sure that's been said like 9 times already though.

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Kanye West say Christian Dior and Louis Vuitton a lot. That's all I know.