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I started with Gamespot in 2004 son. I remember when the hotspot was a news stock ticker feature and someone told Jeff in the forums to do a podcast. I said it was a dumb idea because I didn't know what that was and I was 15. Jeff then said it was a good idea and here we are.

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I played Leon A. Then I read a plot summary of those other three. Leon A and Claire B seemed terrible, while Claire A and Leon B seemed amazing. I would play Claire A instead.

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Idk, I like Crackdown 1 better than all those other games. It's a great podcast/books on tape game because after a while you can pretty much mute it and jump around and level up. Hidden Ords are impossible to get 100% without a guide, but organically getting 100% of the agility orbs while listening to something is super fun.

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Ehh, this game seems fine, but this comment thread is gross. Many games are glorified Skinner Boxes so this is hardly ending video games.

Of course many games are glorified Skinner Boxes, but there is a difference how to go about it. You can use it to make a fun game that immerses the player into something unique, build on an actual creative vision.

Or you can use it to build the equivalent of Farmville, where people click away their lives (or spend away all their disposable income) on something that has no fail-state, no ending, no story and no creative vision besides "how do we make those suckers get addicted to spending time/money with the least amount of effort on our side".

Too many people ignore that this crap has gotten mighty successful, tons of kids grow up on this shallow freemium stuff, while many of them couldn't care less about "proper games" that try to do something actually unique and new.

Personally i don't want a future where "gaming" is merely considered playing freemium stuff on Facebook and iOS devices, yet it feels like we are moving towards exactly that.

I don't think the existence of Farmville threatens real games. It's a different audience altogether. To me, WoW is a much more sinister Skinner Box than any of these games. I watched a lot of people piss away college playing that, but not so much with Farmville. The ballooning budgets and homogenization of the AAA games is probably more of a threat than anything else.

All games, even those that are largely skill based, include that meter going up reward system. I actually kind of like idle games sometimes. There's no gameplay, just achievement reward systems and they are funny to see stand on their own like that.

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Ehh, this game seems fine, but this comment thread is gross. Many games are glorified Skinner Boxes so this is hardly ending video games.

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I wish we had a Jeff centric feature. Watching Jeff play games he enjoys is the best kind of content. Whether its retro games or more current stuff, the site just needs more Jeff.

That's actually a really good idea. I like everyone on giantbomb, but Jeff is the is probably the only person that I think can hold down a video by himself. Back in the day, the "Points" videos used to be amazing despite it was just him riffing for an hour.

Brad or Patrick or Vinny live streaming a game for an hour just isn't must see tv most of the time.

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Phantasy Star 2 all day son!

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100.10 Million