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So just heard this weekend that they are doing an Alias (Jessica Jones) thing which is great. But adding Power Man and Iron Fist is awesome. I was just telling my friend I'd like to see Iron Fist in the Marvel live action universe and Shang Chi would make a great character on Agents of Shield. I was even more excited when I noticed the heroin packets have little dragon symbols on them. They are the dragon symbol of Kunlun. The dragon is a wingless version of the one Iron Fist has tattooed on his chest in the comics. Also at the end Gao dropped some hints and some fancy moves.

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Don't play them as often as I like but I do bust out a game once in a while. Since picking up a Retron5 I've picked up a few gems to go back to. Also picked up a Gameboy Advance SP and a copy of Mother 1&2 with english translation for me to play on my subway ride.

Lately I've been wanting to go back and play some games on one of the few consoles I never owned, Genesis. I want Splatterhouse and Streets of Rage 2. Played some of both but never got to beat them. I did pick up a copy fo Maximum Carnage cause it looks too sweet.

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Hmm... New Day should be like some weird evil battling crew. Now that Stardust has gone Mr. Sinister he should get a crew that worships the stars. Maybe have him steal Adam Roses' followers and have a feud with him for a while. Bo Dallas can be the other side of the coin to his brother Bray by being some preacher claiming he will save the souls of those corrupted or touched by his brother. Meaning he will beat the crap out of anyone that has wrestled Bray. Beating them up will be a cleansing of sorts. After all you gotta Bolieve. Bray should continue to seek the powers of darkness and build a new group of acolytes starting with the Ascension. New Day will have to feud with them all.

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So What are people's thoughts on the intercontinental ladder match? Seemed like a lot of fan favorites in one match kinda made it hard to root for a guy. Kinda anti-climatic the creative directors would give it to Daniel Bryan. Probably to shut people up during the Seth Rollins title run.

Stardust's costume was awesome. X-Men Villain Mr. Sinister. If DB didn't get it I was hoping Stardust would.

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I enjoyed the show overall. I noticed Bo Dallas in the Royal Rumble. Wish Sandow won but I guess Big Show is finishing up his time not too long from now so whatever. The Terminator entrance was kind of meh. Rusev's on the other hand was awesome. Lana looked like she was smiling at the end there while they were trying to see if she was injured. I really liked the Bella's in their match. They really bought it. Wish it was a tad longer though. Power Nikki is becoming a fav. That RKO was sweet. Wasn't crazy about the match with Triple H and Sting. It was okay though. I just kept thinking how the NWO looked like they had trouble walking. I was okay with the Undertaker and Bray. I heard Bray hurt his ankle but he looked fine out there. I was hoping that while the Undertaker did win that he would decide to pass his powers of darkness to Bray.

The IC title bout was cool. I was happy to see DB win. The commentators kept saying the word champion. It made it feel like they want everyone to see this is a big deal. At the same time in my head I'm thinking they don't want you to have the WWE Championship so the best they can do to satisfy everyone is give you the second best thing. Maybe I'm overthinking it. Still IC should be a big deal. As a kid I remember it being a big deal. Seeing the old champions come out to congratulate him was cool. My first taste of it was during the Steamboat/Macho Man feud as a kid. Hope it all pans out.

The finale was good. I feel bad for Roman since that crowd just didn't want him. But Reigns coming in is what I figured would happen and it did. I was almost wishing that at the end The Shield would reunite and just let people know that their infiltration/deep cover plan worked and justice is served after they helped Rollins cash in. But that was just me dreaming. Can't be mad about that.

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Pulp Fiction! I saw it five times when it came out in theaters. Couldn't get enough of it. Soundtrack kept me going for a full year. When it's on TV I'll watch. My next pick would have been Kill Bill. Just so awesome and over the top fun. I didn't like the second movie as much though. Also watch it whenever its on.

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I also recommend keeping extra materials for combining and a farcaster. I usually keep an extra bunch of potions and honey in case the monsters are too rough and I run low. Also farcaster so you can teleport back to camp and rest. With time you get used to the monster and begin using less potions.

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A picture helps. Also don't forget to tip.

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I only watched until the Diva's match ended. Good to see AJ back. Steph really made Cena look like a bitch. I thought he would do something brutal to Axel but it seemed tame. Kind of interested in what Cena will have to stoop to in order to get a match with Rusev. I'd like for it to get a little crazy and creative but I'm not holding my breath.

At the house show I saw last Friday Reigns didn't seem bad at all. Some in the crowd were counting how many moves he could pull off. He actually did about 10 which surprised everyone expecting him to do 4 max. But he did draw a mix of boos and cheers. Personally I thought he actually looked decent up there. People are not feeling the New Day crew either.

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Well taking the young cousins to see the house show tonight at MSG. Hope they get a kick out of it.