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Damn. I would love for this to come out here. I really enjoyed the previous games.

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So far I liked the game. From the bits I gathered before release and playing the Alpha and Beta I thought it would be a lot maps and a lot of content. I kept picturing a cross between Halo and Borderlands. While it's not 100% of what I expected I'm still enjoying it. I'd like to see a livelier world at some point. Maybe pockets of wild life that actually survived. Bungie can still add some great stuff, but I hope not all of it has to be purchased. If the DLC's we have coming are not very good it can definitely make me think twice before I decide if I want the sequel. Lately I've been back to playing my 8-bit games so I'll be easily distracted for a long while.

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Not care and keep playing. I do acknowledge from my own experience that it's not a perfect game or even like I thought it would be. But I'm having a blast so it's cool.

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Rambo on the NES. Fuck that game.

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I tell people I'm not into sports other than a bit of Football. My family is full of sports fans. I'm the only one that gets bored watching it.

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I enjoy watching some of it. Particularly that big tournament that just happened. Anything I watch after would be a video on how a character plays so I can learn how it plays. I'm enjoying the game immensely but now that people are getting a bit tougher I'm going to move away from limited heroes since folks have a nasty habit of abandoning games.

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Fun movie but felt silly. Not something I'd actively seek out to watch again in the future.

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I loved the 360. I thought it was a great console. But over time their menus became such a drag. I actually started hated turning on my Xbox. The awesome arcade marketplace ads disappeared only to be replaced by stuff not gaming related. The next gen (now current gen) gets announced and Microsoft did everything wrong in my book. The whole NSA thing and the Microsoft camera didn't help. Then there was the whole you need to be online all the time. I would be screwed right now since my internet has been spotty and I'm getting my third router shipped to me in hope that fixes the issue. If they kept their old plan and I got the Xbox One I'd be screwed. I understand they need to make money but it felt like they didn't give a shit and it was about selling ads and finding ways to charge me for shit.

I'm still not interested in the Xbox but I wouldn't mind owning one down the road. For now its 3DS, PS4 and PC gaming. The new roommate bought in his Wii-U. So I have no need for more at the moment. Other than that I hope they don't go away. We need Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo to continue doing consoles. They all need to compete to get better.

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I made some cool friends via City of Heroes. None of us have met in person but find a moment to catch up online and have played other game together. We each live in a corner of the US. Another friend I met on WoW. We hang out on occasion for lunch.

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Steam Name: poompow

Location: EST, Evenings and Weekends

Experience: Beginner.

Favorite Hero/Role: I have concentrated on the support role with Lich. He's by far my best since I've used him the most. Lately I've done games with Lion and he's growing on me. Death Prophet is also another one I've started using. I'm not so great with her yet. Also been playing bot games to improve my melee heroes.

I'm not the rager type. Just looking to get the occasional game in if some folks are online. Over time I would like playing with a more regular group though if possible.