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street fighter 3 third strike

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nice. I'm going with yes, to answer the question.

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look at the picture above and the answer is known

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testing, cleaning, and matching dongles to used guitar hero/rockband peripherals for each system available. so many stickers..........

FYI- to get stickers off of stuff, use a hair dryer to melt the glue first.

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@branthog: cool way to make your argument, douche bag. How is it on that pillar towering above everyone else?

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brool cory sto

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Saints row became garbagey after 2, borderlands was always a vapid game. Oh ya, The Darkness (1) was highly underrated, and to echo others, Max Payne 3 was EXTREMELY good, you should play it.

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an echoey resounding YES

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do yourself the life-long favor of watching cowboy bebop, especially if you want to appreciate anime. It's the easiest to approach and is suited more or less for a western audience so it's not chock full of anime stereotype, and everything about it is great. The art, the music, the standalone episodes as well as the main plot, all of it, greatness. Kill La Kill seems like an odd way to get into anime, but hey, whatever works!

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very pissed off about how this is being handled- hopeful though that the situation as it continues serves as a sort of stamp-in-time of 2014 where everyone gets a reality check that the race issue was too tough an issue to tackle without military cops still.