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im not gonna listen to that, you're gonna sell me a home stereosystem subliminally or something

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who cares....? I know that isn't helpful but who cared about guitar hero because it was popular? I certainly didn't take a 2 hour train ride when GH3 came out because of a trend. The game was genuinely fun for me and when my 360 died and times got a lil rougher I sold my stuff with the hope that it would come back some day. And it has! Hallelujah. That said, I feel bad for the guy who has to clean the stickers and match wireless dongles for a new generation of traded in kits...

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That brain tumor you've been feeding is going to be very unhappy with you.

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6 crunchy tacos, 2 chicken quesadillas, whatever ridiculous special they offer when I get there, and a Pepsi, because they don't offer the greater cola option.

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Social anxiety is normal, you people are normal human beings. If you have panic attacks you might want to try therapy, if that and all else fails, try medication with great caution. Just a cautionary statement I feel compelled to throw out there; medication can improve your quality of life, but think years down the road when it is integral to your very existence- Do you and don't worry so much about grabbing the nearest pills to make things easier.

stay in school, knowledge is pizza

not to get on any kind of crazy soap box or anything but one thing that helps me calm down about how dumb american social standards go is thinking about people who have it way harder than I do- that helps with depression as well. It doesn't necessarily make me feel 'better', but it sure does help me understand that I'm lucky to be alive and given an opportunity to be who I am. Most of you hopefully have that awareness, it's good to reflect on in times of stress.

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@htr10 said:

GiantBomb, a website where literally anybody posting anything somehow has become some sort of philosophical debate by the time you get to the thread.

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oh my god yubi, what are you doin'