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I'm pretty sure I heard this Zelda overworld guitar cover on the OC ReMix website in 2001.

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Wasted potential bums me out. I bought Super Mario Bros. 3 and there's no option to display it in the original resolution, or remap the controls, the way it's mapped by default is NOT an acceptable way to play those old games. I'd also appreciate it if they'd fill the catalog out a little more- and why does Nintendo never seem to follow through on what they start? The "remastered in 3D" NES games are actually pretty cool, especially Kirby, it's a damn shame they haven't made any more, the Mario games would look really cool that way. Damnit Nintendo, give the people what they want.

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They should've sent a poet.

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He's... not really wrong about anything, as long as you consider back-peddling the same as lying. I'm not going to write Microsoft out of my life forever though, Sony's made it's fair share of failed promises too. I'd say I'm pretty likely to become a Microsoft fan again in the future, probably when they've put out a few good Halo games.

The WiiU looks awfully tempting now though.

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My reasons aren't that deep. Girls are cooler than guys. That's it.

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Capcom, namco, konami, sega, and now potentially ubisoft? I'm glad Nintendo is playing well with others.

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@video_game_king: A former college classmate of Max's read an article in the Baltamore Sun praising Cards Against Humanity. Seeing Max's face again triggered a panic attack. She claimed she was raped by Max 8 years ago and that people shouldn't support him or CAH. Her or her friends created a twitter account to harass Max and to spread the accusation to everyone Max has contact with. Max told his side of the story- she was his dorm neighbor, they dated briefly and made out but never had sex, he broke it off with her like a 19-year-old coward by ignoring her calls and texts until she went away- potentially hurting her feelings. She never confronted him about it and won't respond to him personally. Now Max has to deal with a flood of shit that's making life difficult and is dealing it the best he can. He comes off as a stand-up guy in his blog but there's no proof either way, it's a he-said she-said a decade later. It has literally nothing to do with most of the points brought up in the OP.

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When you realize you'd be happier single, and feel like spending time with her is a waste of time. From there it's a matter of "how do I end this without hurting her too much." There's no way. Tell her the truth deal with the consequences.

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Hey, if Vinny wants to join up with Vinny & Alex I won't complain. I'm always looking for more quality podcasts to listen to.

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Well this is cool. Maybe he'll be bringing Kessler coffee and sandwiches.