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The only ones I've actually played to completion are 4 & Rising. I picked 4. 1, 2 & 3 I just watched the "movie" versions of, by that I mean all of the cutscenes strung together into one big long video file I torrented a long time ago. I actually want to go back and play them all but now that I know the story I don't see much point, maybe I should just get Peace Walker, haven't spoiled that one yet, but I think it's more of a side story?

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Or, you ordered a shitload in a drunken opium infused psycho haze.

Oh man, that sounds great.

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You know, I think I might like to see them take another stab at Max Payne. Max Payne 3 had a great start and completely forgot what it was doing by the end, but maybe a second attempt would fare better.

You had a grenade launcher in the airport and that sweet music played.

...but as for plot, yeah, I don't remember. Wasn't it just funking REVENGE for that girl dying? Or, no, they were like eating the homeless or something. In that building you blew up. Aaaaaaaand he had some persona epiphany and quit drinking and walked off into the sunset.

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It's good, I like it.

Except for the tongue!

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I... I would watch it but I'm not sure they should do it. I'd almost rather watch the Metal Gear story unfold without commentary, Drew & Dan are great but I'd like to focus on the story in this particular case. Plus Dan knowing what's up going in would spoil a lot for people who haven't played it before.

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Lock this shit!

...I had a dream about a certain Persona 4 character.

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I don't think Fish Plays Pokemon is going to be the hot new thing. Unless we're talking about Phil Fish, I guess.