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Ha, that's actually really funny.

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Transistor, because apparently I'm the only one who wasn't disappointed by it and thought it was better than Bastion.

No man, Transistor was fucking great.

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Hearthstone. Also South Park.

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I've gone through phases where I barely played any games for months, during that time I still listened to the Bombcast and watched their videos, I just enjoy them as a source of entertainment. This question is more than just "What if you couldn't play video games" though. If that were the case, I'd start reading more books. I'd learn a second language. I'd learn to play piano. I'd learn to fly a helicopter. All that stuff though depends on vision which is the main problem. The real question is "what would you do if you were blind?" in that case... I don't know. I really don't.

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Eh, kinda none of the above, I wanted that white PS4 and Destiny coming with it was a co-incidence. I played through it, it's... fine. I'll probably sell the disc, I was planning on going all digital anyway.

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PS4, I really like the Vita's remote play feature.

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I got kicked twice on Wednesday, other than that no issues.

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I downloaded this torrent of all the MGS cutscenes up to and including MGS3 and watched them as movies. They were fucking great, and when I went into MGS4 everything made... Well, I don't wanna say it made sense because the story is batshit crazy, but not actually playing the game didn't hinder me any. MGS4 is still the only game in the series that I've actually played, well that and Rising, but I'm gonna grab Ground Zeroes next week, now that I own a PS4.

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I wish I was so easily impressed in life :C

I would save a lot of money and wouldn't be disappointed and bored nearly as often.

Except he's not easily impressed with "fancy" things, he hates them with a passion for no reason other than that he's a "cool guy" not a "fancy guy."

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That is really fucking nice. I'd buy it day one. IF it was the "new" 3DS.