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When you realize you'd be happier single, and feel like spending time with her is a waste of time. From there it's a matter of "how do I end this without hurting her too much." There's no way. Tell her the truth deal with the consequences.

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Hey, if Vinny wants to join up with Vinny & Alex I won't complain. I'm always looking for more quality podcasts to listen to.

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Well this is cool. Maybe he'll be bringing Kessler coffee and sandwiches.

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'course. Not on everything, but good mustard is... well, good.

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This looks like some hot garbage. That Noah movie was awful, too.

Anyway, my parents pastor is supremely pissed about Hollywood's recent interest in the Bible. I look forward to hearing his rants about this.

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I'll stick with Digital. Assuming I have a ps4 by the time destiny comes out.

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My city has a credit union with ATMs all over the place, so I use that.

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It'll probably have to be like, Uncensored gay sex in an ad for children's breakfast cereal. Yeah, that might do it.

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I wish my car would fly and make me breakfast.

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You that movie had potential to be a half-decent movie if they took the best parts from it and made a 90-minute film out of it, but at 3 hours it was putting me to sleep. You know what, no, even the best parts were pretty fucking bad. It's probably worth noting that I haven't seen any of the other films, but I doubt that would have changed much.