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It's 9:30 AM eastern and PSN is still down. I was hoping to start a download before heading of to work at 10 :-(

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Nope. I did reciently start calling my aunts and uncles by their first names though. I mean, instead of "Uncle Steve," I've been calling him "Steve." It still kind of makes me feel weird.

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I uh, we went to the mall. We got coffee while we walked and talked. The next date we went bowling. It doesn't really matter what you're doing as long as you've got a chance to hit it off. That was seven months ago, things are going pretty great for us.

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Probably not. Game's boring.

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I'm definitely watching this. I didn't watch annnnnnnny of it live.

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It's weird, but I did it. Also it doesn't seem like he's going to be able to pull ahead of that annoying guy.

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Hopefully y old 680 does alright if I knock a few things down.

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It's a shame performance can be so bad while they claim to be "pushing modern systems to their limits."

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It's an appropriate amount of money if you're big into WoW, like others have said. Even if I buy it, level to 100, level up all of my professions, mess around with the garrison stuff, do some light raiding for a few weeks and quit again, that's still a few dozen hours. I wouldn't make a fuss about the price but yeah, if you think it's too much money, don't buy it.

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In honor of this news, I slightly modified my iPhone 5's default lock screen and wallpaper: