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I don't agree with this particularly, but it's delivered so brilliantly by the genius Cleese that it deserves its place in this thread. Also, I doubt John Cleese himself is particularly bothered about the subject.

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Only one entry from me this year. Time is against me. I'd love to be able to animate it to be like the actual wonky achievement style, but that's beyond me so this is what you get.

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@fattony12000: Hello to Jason Isaacs

For me it's been podcasts; Bombcast, Football Ramble, Kermode and Mayo, Can They Score and Football Weekly.

Music-wise: Story of the Year, Death Cab For Cutie, NoFX, Weezer, Pink Floyd and The Get Up Kids.

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I'm hardly an expert at the old PShop, but this is my contribution...

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New Taipei City, Taiwan

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Using my real name I got: ***'s Fetish is Video Games.

Using my username I got: TopCat88's fetish is suggestive dancing.

Both highly accurate, probably the second more than the first. That's why the Bounden video is now on hard rotation on my pornography playlist.

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@hamst3r Great work, yet again.

I imagine small businessman works somewhere similar to the 71/2 floor from Being John Malkovich

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*** I wasn't sure whether to put this in Bombcast or Bug Reporting, I'm not sure its a bug and probably user error on my part, I tried searching for a similar thread, move if necessary. Apologies if I give you extra work***

I've been struggling to get the premium podcast feed to work with my media player for a while now. This hasn't been a problem as I like listening to the vanilla podcast but I'd like to get Alt-F1 working seamlessly.

Every other podcast feed I use works fine, but when I add the premium RSS feed to my media player it won't find it. I assume it is something to do with authenticating my login details with the site to ensure only members can access it.

I imagine there is a simple fix for this, but my knowledge of RSS is borderline non-existent. If anyone has a solution or can tell me a better way to get podcasts, please let me know. I use Music Bee media player.

Thanks in advance duders.

EDIT: Feel free to talk shit about my music library! :P

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If everyone stayed out of everyone else's business the world would be a better place.

Go tell that to the Jews, or the Poles, or the French, or the rest of Europe, or the Russians... all of whom your foreign policy has just condemned to a life (or more likely rape and/or death) under Nazi occupation.

I guess the Nazis aren't people.

I gave him the benfit of assuming his position was a little more realistic than 'Wouldn't it be nice if everyone was lovely and agreed on everything all the time?'

Sure, my position wasn't that naive. And I know its a selfish policy but I wouldn't start or join any wars/invasions anywhere unless our own people are under direct suffering. Not the vague threat of terror that might be, but actual acts of war on British citizens. In that case, I'll be all for it, but until then let the rest of the world suffer if that's what's happening. It simply isn't in our interests to be in a constant state of war all over the world.

We only go into conflict if we have something to gain politically or to capture resources anyway but I don't think its worth the loss of our soldiers lives to save some other lives. Zimbabwe under Mugabe, North Korea or Venezuela are just as suitable places to go if we're going to go to Ukraine. They sell us the bullshit reason of 'doing the right thing' for our wars but we never go anywhere where we have nothing to gain.