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As somebody that doesn't ever read any of the articles on either Giant Bomb or Kotaku, I've always heard of Kotaku being lumped in with all the like aggregate new sites that's all about quantity over quality. Maybe they are trying to expand into more in depth articles, but my knee jerk reaction is... this seems really lame.

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Damn it dude! Mark this shit as containing spoilers! I just bought this yesterday and was going to start it tomorrow. No point now.

You're joking right? The title of the thread is "What do you think of the ending of Shovel Knight?" I think that's pretty clear this is going to be about.. then ending of Shovel Knight.. sooo yea...

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@corruptedevil said:

It leaves the door open for a Co-Op focused sequel.

Oh man! I didn't think of that a Co-op Shovel Knight with Shield Knight would be awesome

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Ultimately I like the ending. For a second there, I thought they were going to double down on the Shield Knight sacrificing herself to save Shovel Knight. I'm glad they didn't. I just don't think there was enough character development or back story about Shovel Knight's and Shield Knight's relationship to make that kind of ending meaningful. Plus the whole game is about trying to rescue Shield Knight, if she died in the end it would have left everything pretty much exactly where it was at the beginning of the game with Shovel Knight grieving over Shield Knight. Plus with the general sort of humorous tone of the game the sad ending doesn't seem to fit with me, I think it would have left me feeling unsatisfied.

What do you think should they have left the fate of Shield Knight unknown?

Also, did I miss something about the back story of Black Knight and Shield Knight? Or was I just supposed to fill in the blanks myself on how they knew each other?

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I thought it was pretty good, I do think shovel knight sometimes feels a little slow compared to everything else going on and I definitely enjoyed the earlier stages more than the later ones but that's probably because I was terrible at it. Really dug the soundtrack though.

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Beat it the other day, ended up liking it more and more as I went. Though the phase locket kind of broke the game. I'd patch out the ability to hit dudes while phasing.

Yea I used the phasing to just kinda brute force my way through boss fights, felt pretty cheesy, but hey cheesing is gaming.

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I'm not quite that hardcore but I could use more people to play with. Tophar01 on NA servers

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I played through and beat both ME1 and ME2 and my saves are all still there, yet when I go to import for ME3 nothing comes up

EDIT: Just went through and re-played the last mission in ME2, and it fixed the problem.

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I don't understand how that scenario at the house breaks "immersion" for you. In the real world when people die in their homes there isn't always a note or something explicitly telling you what happened. The fact that there is just a dude there that is dead seems more realistic than a dead dude with a note next to his bed telling you about how he died.

Also if you click in the right stick, it zooms out to third person. That's on the 360, I'm not sure how you do it on other skews

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The intimate pizza picture on the front of the machine is fantastic