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Thanks for my new wallpaper, this is the best, & can't wait for MGS 3 fan art.

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Quite a few actually, but when you have over 300 games, you're bound to re-buy things you've sold when you were younger.
I've bought Burnout Revenge for the OG Xbox from a thrift store, then after playing it for about an hour I turned to eBay & bought a 360 copy.
Metal Gear Solid about 2 times over (Essential Collection & Black label PS1) because my original was lost to time.
Assassin's Creed 1 because I played it once on PS3, sold it, then bought it again when I got a 360 for points.
If it counts (which I believe it does) all the N64, SNES, & NES games I use it own & then some.
This would just go on forever if I keep typing, so I'll stop here.

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Done, Sent the PM, been awhile since I've played anything online really, but I want to give this game an honest shot.

PSN: Tophat666

I'll be on at nights & sometimes on the weekends.

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PSN: Tophat666

Timezone: Eastern US

Launch games: AC4, Knack, & Resogun.

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1. Dark Souls

2. Mass Effect 2

3. Rock Band 3

4. Persona 4/P4G (yes this totally counts, it my not have been on the consoles of Gen 7, but it came out well into the gen so I count it)

5. No More Heroes

6. Batman: Arkham Asylum

7. Saints Row: The Third

8. Bioshock 1/Infinite

9. Portal 1 or 2

10. Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots

Back half of the list.

11. Mortal Kombat

12. Dead Space 2

13. Fallout 3

14. Bastion

15. Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood

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I've pre-ordered a PS4 mainly for price, & games. I don't hate the XBO, im gonna get One (lol) down the line (I buy everything), but if you asked me which one I want more right now, it's PS4.
When I mean, I pre-ordered it, I actually paid the whole thing off in full. Gamestop was asking for $100 just to pre-order, so I went to the bank on the way back, & thought hey I have the money now, & im gonna spend $400 in the long run, I just ended up buying the whole thing up front.

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Body = Ready.
I might get to sleep early so tomorrow comes faster.
Trying to find a way to watch Microsoft on my phone.

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Dark Souls.

Never has there been a game that not only have I got all 1000 point in, & yet I still play it off & on again.

Maybe I'll think of a list later.

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I got my Limited Edition Hyrule Historia back last friday & have been reading it on my off time. It's an amazing book, & a must own for any zelda fan, but I was reading it today( today being the actual US release) & I stumbled upon what I believe to be a misprint.

I can't be sure 100% because the book officially just came out today, & there are no scans of the english pages yet so IDK it's a whole run of books or just mine. It's not much, but if you know Zelda like I do, you probably can spot it out.

The misprint is on Page 89 of my Limited Edition of the book, the error in question is the art for the Sprit Medallion & the Fire Medallion are in the wrong place.

If this truly is a Misprint, I have something really special in possession.