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Amazing! I wanna say that Brad is my favorite as a robot fits his gamertag but I don't think I'll ever get over how cute Alpaca Drew is.

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I haven't played it yet but I've heard good things about Gyromancer. It's on sale on Steam for $3 right now. It sounds like pretty much Bejeweled the RPG.

Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes is a great Puzzle/RPG hybrid.

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@zeik said:

I'll always be very fond of the Shining Force series. The mechanics are pretty simple as far as SRPGs go, but that's also kind of what I like about it. The gameplay is straightforward but solid and enjoyable. It does do some thing I wish more SRPGs would do though, like actually being able to walk around and explore towns like a real JRPG. Shining Force was my introduction to the genre and I was always a little disappointed it was a rare exception in that regard.

Just steer clear of the PS2 games. They are "Shining Force" in name only.

To expand a bit further on this series, Shining Force 1, 2, and 3 are the only games in the series that has an overworld and towns to walk around in. In the Game Gear games and Shining Force CD there is a camp screen inbetween battles ala most Fire Emblems and other games in the genre. Shining Force CD is a remake of the first two Game Gear games with better graphics and sound and a couple added scenarios. There is a fan translation of the third Game Gear game which wasn't released over here, I expect only crazy people like me will go that far with this series though. Shining Force 3 is a bit of a hassle since only the first part of three came out in the west so you have to deal with fan translations and not so great Saturn emulators. It's a great game though, I'd put it as the second best behind Shining Force 2. Finally, Shining Force: Resurrection of the Dark Dragon is a remake of the first game on the GBA. I like the remake overall but it is far easier than the original.

Also, the first two are on Steam.

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Radar Love by Golden Earring: "I'm half past four and I'm shifting gears"

As a car guy this is especially infuriating to me. THERE'S NO SUCH THING AS HALF PAST A GEAR YOU BLOODY IDIOT.

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I've probably replayed Shining Force II at least once every year since I was a kid. The other Shining Force games I replay every couple years or so, same with most Final Fantasies with FFV, FFVII and FFXII being more common. I tend to replay Inindo a lot as well. I love replaying first person dungeon crawlers and Wizardry: Tale of the Forsaken Land is probably my favorite of those so I tend to go back to that one most often.

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Here's mine if anybody wants it. I'm assuming US only.


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I bought and enjoyed 3 through Black Ops with World at War and 3 being my favorites. I think I just got burned out on multiplayer shooters since Battlefield 3 is the only online shooter I've played since Black Ops. I'm sure I could jump in to the newest CoD and really like it but those games took up so much of my time, that and the only real option I have to play the newest one is the PS3 version since I don't have PSPlus so PS4 is out and I doubt my PC can run it adequately online.

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I found Dave's picture, I think this was related to quests?

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@bisonhero: Oh my god I forgot about that cherub Kessler picture, that was amazing. Dave definitely had one that I think he said was inspired by a character in Ultima.

The only review picture I remember them using of Alex was him looking like Commando which I think was also his Screened picture.

Edit: This is the picture of Alex I was talking about.

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@superkenon: I actually hate this suggestion but maybe they could add a new character? Was Ganondorf in Windwaker? If so they could add toon Ganondorf and replace his moves or they could replace the current Ganonorf's moves and add a "retro" skin with his old moves. I agree that Nintendo is in a damned if you do situation but I still think the better decision is just to give Ganondorf original moves.