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I'm a fan of Nintendo, but I don't see any point in getting Smash Bros on 3DS when the Wii U one comes out a few months later...

I don't plan on getting a WII U for a while so 3DS is my only option.

I think the roster so far is decent. The Duck Hunt dog is a lame character and I'm disappointed that Shulk made it since I'm apparently the only person that didn't like Xenoblade Chronicles,

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@slaps2: Bah, stats are hugely overrated, they're good for bragging rights and that's about it. I would hope all Broncos fans and players would trade all of last years records for a Super Bowl win, I know I would.

I would easily take Sanders over Decker, I was never a big fan of his and we needed somebody with speed alongside D. Thomas.

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@ajamafalous: As a Broncos fan, you are insane to think you are the best judge of your own team. You're biased. I never said the broncos were suddenly a bad team, but an offense doesn't do the kind of things it did last year for two straight years. It doesn't happen. Simply going by the fact that last year's Broncos had the best offense in the history of the NFL means that they are most assuredly going to be worse. I'm sorry that it's hard for you to hear and that it makes you want to call me insane, but you will not see anywhere near 55 td receptions like you did last year. That doesn't happen twice. Add to that the fact that they are in a competitive division and that they play a handful of tough non-division opponents. If/when their stats/record show that I'm wrong I'll be happy to eat crow, but I'm entirely confident that I won't have to.

I can't speak for @ajamafalous (though I suspect they feel the same) but I wasn't talking about stats or records, just that they are clearly more talented this year. Yes, it's unlikely that they'll get close to the records they set last year but that doesn't mean they are a worse team.

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@streetninja: It's for more than Wes Welker that I think the Broncos will lose an early two. You just don't replicate those numbers in two consecutive years... or ever really, and they are playing really good teams whilst their offense is clearly worse than last year. I understand that how much worse they are is up for debate, but they are still worse.

I haven't read through the whole thread so I'm not sure if someone else has called you out and whether you've tried to justify that thought or not, but, as a lifelong Broncos fan, you're insane if you think they are worse in any way than last year.

I'm not completely sold on Ball yet, I wish we would've kept Moreno but with the addition of Sanders and players like Julius Thomas having more experience we're definitely better than last year.

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Didn't expect a new Luminous Arc game to be announced but am glad it did, really enjoyed the first two on DS.

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The Shadow Warrior in Sacred 2: Fallen Angel has some skills that are like a necromancer. He can summon four skeletons at once and also summon a weird skeletal tower that shoots projectiles. You can look at his skills here, Astral Lord are the skills you're looking for.

EDIT: I think he can only play the evil campaign as well.

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I didn't realize this game was so divisive. I really like it, the battle system is fun, the story does enough with its fantastic premise and obviously the music is brilliant. I've always meant to play the upgraded PS3 port but haven't gotten around to it yet.

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@bisonhero: There were three Legend of Heroes games before Trails in the Sky that came out in the west. They were fairly good but as with nearly every game on the PSP they were largely ignored, even great RPGs such as Ys 7 were as well.

I'm pretty sure we've had this conversation about Shining Force before. I'd argue that they hold up better than almost any other game from that era since they are so simple. Of course any game is hard to go back to if you didn't play it in the era it came out in, I've never played many of the popular cRPGs and if I tried to play something like Planescape now there's probably no way I'd like it as much as people that call it their favorite game. One of the things I like more about the first two Shining Forces against other sRPGs is that they have actual exploration like an overworld and wandering around towns and not just battle after battle. I'd easily recommend Shining Force 2 over any Fire Emblem or Final Fantasy Tactics, I love those games but I think Shining Force is better. The biggest reason I think Shining Force 2 holds up is the same reason I love the Fire Emblem series, both have great and varied characters and fun to play battles.

EDIT: Speaking of Ys 7, Ys The oath in Felghana is on steam as well and is great.

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Seriously, Trails in the Sky gets no recognition despite being one of the best games of the past decade and the best JRPG on the PC.

I was with you until that last part since Shining Force 2 and Final Fantasy 7 are also on steam. Seriously though, the Legend of Heroes series is definitely overlooked with the first few being alright games and Trails being excellent.