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So they inevitably record a bunch of them ahead of time and have to pretend they're recording them "daily", when clearly they've recorded like 8 twenty-minute episodes in one sitting.

I was under the impression that this is how they always did it, maybe it was different early on in P4 but it definitely seemed like later on they found out it was easier to just do a bunch of episodes in one sitting.. Also didn't people look up Jeff's achievements and find out that they beat Deadly Premonition like two or three months before the videos ended? EDIT: Here is the thread I'm talking about. Also at the start of the Chrono Trigger ER Patrick mentions something about it being October or Halloween and that ER didn't start until late November.

So many people are gonna be disappointed/angry when there's no ER of Persona 5.

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My PS3 picked the worst possible time to break down with this and Dark Souls 2 coming out soon. I'll pick this up soon but I have no idea when I'll get a chance to play it.

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@golguin said:

I should also bring this up again, but people who are hollowed have the lowest chance of getting invaded. The priority list goes people with high sin, someone who has summoned phantoms, if you are human, and then hollow players at the very end of the list.

It's also going to be open to EVERYONE so why people think that invasions are squarely going to be focused only on them and not spread among every other player is beyond my understanding.

I haven't seen anyone in this thread complain about the frequency of invasions, just the majority saying they don't want to get invaded at all. Even once is one times too many. I just don't understand why they have to throw away the systems from the last two games just so there will be more invasions. The reason there weren't as many invasions before were because it was too hard to become human in Demon's Souls and there was hardly any point in being a human in Dark Souls. I'm sure if it's not hard to revert to human in Dark Souls 2 then there would be more invasions due to people wanting to avoid the penalties of being a hollow. I'm fine with them encouraging invasions but not like this and I think From hugely overreacted in this whole situation.

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@golguin: I was specifically talking about if you get invaded when you're hollow which from my understanding your health can go as low as fifty percent of your max.

EDIT: What I'm getting at is that you are being punished for being hollow without the sole advantage and only reason to be hollow in the first place. Unless the item to become human is incredibly rare why would anybody be hollow? I'd rather they just get rid of the whole hollow/human system if this is how they are going to treat it.

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I don't think it's weird at all. I live near Jacksonville, Florida but I couldn't care less about the Jaguars. My team is the Denver Broncos, don't know why but they quickly became my favorite when I started watching football in my teens. I've been to several Florida Gators games but if I had to pick a college team it would be Vanderbilt, It's always fun wearing my Vandy hat to a Gator game.

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@golguin said:

I feel that all this "sky is falling" reaction from the new PVP is coming from people that try to place the actions of a few invaders looking out to troll new players onto the entire Dark Souls PVP community.

I was invaded only a small amount of times in Demon's Souls before I started playing offline. None of those invasions were bad experiences so people that invade just to grief had no bearing on why I never got invaded in Dark Souls. I'm sure some people did have bad experiences with griefers and honestly there will still probably be a way to grief low level players in Dark Souls 2. I bet there are many people like me that just have no interest in ever playing with or against another player but don't want to be forced to play offline and that's why I think the Dark Souls system was perfect since there was virtually no penalty to being hollow. I can why they wanted to increase the advantage of being human but invasions at all times is a horrible idea. Also now that there are penalties for being hollow and you can be invaded why would anyone be hollow now? They've taken away the only advantage and then added some penalties that's just going to make it easier for invaders.

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@silvergun said:

if you liked FFT you'll like TO too.

I wish that was the case, FFT is one of my favorite games and I couldn't get into Tactics Ogre. It's been a while since I've tried to play it but I remember my main two gripes being that I hated the leveling and skill system.

@silvergun said:
  • Remember when you got Orlandu in FFT and he made the rest of the game really easy? Well you get TO's Orlandu from the very start...

I assume TO's Orlandu is the birdman whose name I can't remember?

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This is turning out to be harder than I thought, maybe I should go with a split damage weapon. What do you guys think about a lightning or chaos Large Club? I like the moveset and the Blighttown Barbarians are easy enough to farm. My other thought would be a greataxe but I'm not a huge fan of its moveset.

EDIT: Bah, maybe I'll just go with a Zweihander after all.

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If you're a real man/woman you'll get 30 Faith and go full Grant. It's completely useless for PVP but it's a one-hit boss killing machine if you have the Red Tearstone ring.

I think it does the single highest damage per swing, bar none, except possibly the Artorias Greatsword at like lvl 250 or whatever. Its damage is split between physical and magic, though, so some enemies will be less susceptible.

Actually the Demon's Greataxe does the most damage technically as it does pure physical damage. I'm not a fan of split damage as I think From really toned it down in comparison to Demon's Souls.

I should say that I'm not interested in any split damage weapons otherwise the Grant would be at the top of my list. Sorry but I don't want any lightning or chaos weapons

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I'll get Toukiden at some point, I'm just not sure when yet. I also haven't decided whether I'll get the FFX collection for the Vita or PS3.

I'll echo the posts above in saying thanks for making these lists.