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@excast: I won't defend that game cause I don't remember much about it but I do have some nostalgia for it since I played it as a kid

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A lot of people in this thread seemed to have played like six games if their "worst games ever" are to be believed.

You know what's a fucking horrible game? Shadow the Hedgehog. Played that shit for like 30 minutes and realized I had made a horrible mistake.

Yay for reading thread titles and not the first post! So you thought Shadow of the Hedgehog would be good huh?

Sorry for the condescension but I hate when people just read the title and jump straight to the reply button.

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If some of the worst games people have played are Beyond: Two Souls, Dishonoured, and The Last of Us, then you should feel really glad that you've not played any truly bad games. Before it was easy to find reviews of any game before picking it up, it was totally possible to be swindled and find yourself playing the most broken, lazily thrown together trash you could imagine.

I remember picking up Timeline after reading the book, because hey, I really liked the book and wanted anything more I could get. That was by far the worst pile of shit I've ever experienced.

You really should read the actual original post before replying, of course The Last of Us isn't the worst game I've ever played but it's the most recent example of a game I fully expected to like.

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Most recently I would say The Last of Us. I was insanely excited for it and really enjoyed my time with it until the clickers showed up. I hate forced stealth sections and I especially hate it when you can't fight back when you're spotted. I even tried turning it down to easy just to get through but I just couldn't do it. It's a shame since I was loving the characters and story.

Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum is another example and is the only generation of Pokemon games that I haven't beaten or enjoyed aside from X/Y which I haven't played yet.

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Now that Lightning Returns is out it's Dark Souls 2. After that it's stuff like Witcher 3, Drakengard 3 and Tales of Xillia 2.

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1. Gran Turismo 5- I haven't played 6 yet or else it would likely be number 1.

2. Dirt 2- It's hard to pick between 2 and 3 but I'll go with 2 since I put more time into it.

3. Forza Motorsport 3- I haven't played 4 or 5 yet.

4. Burnout Paradise- This one is a bit surprising for me since I don't like the other Burnout games.

5. Blur- The only racing game I've played online and it was super fun.

EDIT: I want to give an honorable mention to PGR3 as I spent a ton of time with it when I first got the 360.

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I'm pretty sure it was on the Dead Island TNT when Patrick and Jeff were screwing around and Brad tried to get them to do a quest or something.

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@cornbredx: It's actually really easy to just run past the drakes without fighting any of them. You just run right between all of them, they'll attack with their straight line lightning breath which is easy to avoid and they're too big to follow once you go up the steps just inside. It'll probably take a couple of practice tries to see where to run but it's much easier and faster than fighting them.

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So they inevitably record a bunch of them ahead of time and have to pretend they're recording them "daily", when clearly they've recorded like 8 twenty-minute episodes in one sitting.

I was under the impression that this is how they always did it, maybe it was different early on in P4 but it definitely seemed like later on they found out it was easier to just do a bunch of episodes in one sitting.. Also didn't people look up Jeff's achievements and find out that they beat Deadly Premonition like two or three months before the videos ended? EDIT: Here is the thread I'm talking about. Also at the start of the Chrono Trigger ER Patrick mentions something about it being October or Halloween and that ER didn't start until late November.

So many people are gonna be disappointed/angry when there's no ER of Persona 5.

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My PS3 picked the worst possible time to break down with this and Dark Souls 2 coming out soon. I'll pick this up soon but I have no idea when I'll get a chance to play it.

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I should also bring this up again, but people who are hollowed have the lowest chance of getting invaded. The priority list goes people with high sin, someone who has summoned phantoms, if you are human, and then hollow players at the very end of the list.

It's also going to be open to EVERYONE so why people think that invasions are squarely going to be focused only on them and not spread among every other player is beyond my understanding.

I haven't seen anyone in this thread complain about the frequency of invasions, just the majority saying they don't want to get invaded at all. Even once is one times too many. I just don't understand why they have to throw away the systems from the last two games just so there will be more invasions. The reason there weren't as many invasions before were because it was too hard to become human in Demon's Souls and there was hardly any point in being a human in Dark Souls. I'm sure if it's not hard to revert to human in Dark Souls 2 then there would be more invasions due to people wanting to avoid the penalties of being a hollow. I'm fine with them encouraging invasions but not like this and I think From hugely overreacted in this whole situation.