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"Hey, we can do female characters too!"

Hey, +1 to you, devs.

Too bad she will be wearing the same SWAT gear as everyone else so you cant tell who is male and who is female unless they are wearing "baseball cap with ponytail"

Wait, so now it's a bad thing that they wear the same thing as the male characters?

And it is pretty obvious that they made the game prettier than currently is in the alpha for the E3 demo. If the game looks like that on launch it's a downgrade for sure. But there is no doubt in my mind that at least some of the visual stuff has been disabled for the alpha since it isn't optimized yet (Then again Ubisoft doesn't seem to know what optimization is) and the primary focus is to test gameplay, not graphics.

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This is exactly what I wanted from Alt + F1. Before when they used to talk about the tracks it was kind of hard to visualize it unless you pulled up a map. But this is way more fun. Hope they do this for every race.

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Looks really bland and boring, just as expected.

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If anyone is wondering who the storage guy is. His name is mark Licea he's a senior producer for cbs interactive. He started off as MTI(Mark the intern) then started hosting CBS' Loaded replacing Natali delconti. He then got his own show called "The Green Show" it was all about going green. He's an avid video gamer and also co-hosted a show with Jeff Bakalar called "PREgame". He is originally from Las Vegas, NV. Mark is also a black belt in Taekwondo.

Get this man on a GBcast immediately.

They should at the very least get him on as a guest.

Excited to see what the new studio will look like once it is finished.

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I wasn't expecting this until next year. Can't wait to watch this!

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@kaigan said:

Callin' it, Drew'll be the next person to leave.

I sure as hell hope he doesn't. He is my favorite of the GB Crew.

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@terjay said:

Somehow this looks less fun than the original Road Rash.

As somebody who grew up with Road Rash, I agree. In Road Rash people were playing dirty by hitting each other and whatnot, here they have turned the concept into some weird blood sport where you kill your opponents. It changes the entire tone of the game, for me at least. Then there is the whole rogue like aspect that is really weird too.

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Dan is great but I'm not sure if he was the best person to do this Quick Look. My biggest issue with QLs are that while entertaining, most of the GB staff refuse to do any research. Like how long would it take to check steam for the price? Instead of guessing, why not actually look it up. The only person who does research and takes notes seems to be Drew.

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@qblivion said:

EA's Early Access strikes again!

You can't mock the game! It's still in Early Access, it will get better, it's not like it is on store shelves and being sold at full retail price.

Wait a minute..

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Paradox has the best marketing department.