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I stumbled upon it in the upcoming releases section on Steam and asked myself the same question. Never even heard the name before.

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Developers doing meaningful updates to old games is always worth commending. I love Kotor 1, but never played 2 due to hearing it was kinda broken. Now I have no excuses for not having played it!

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Totally agree with OP. I think BC adds great value to the consumer. I'm not a big console gamer so I've held off on getting a current-gen console still. Main reason obviously being that I'm a PC gamer, but the second reason is due to my last-gen backlog still being huge. I know I'll get an Xbone/PS4 eventually, but I've been in no hurry since I'm not aching to play the newest and shiniest most broken games. Now that BC has been promised I'm thinking more and more about getting one.

I'm not surprised that lots of people here don't care much about BC since we're on a video game forum where the majority of posters are probably early adopters anyway.

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I don't think I've ever finished an adventure game without resorting to a guide at least once or twice during my playthrough. I feel like that's par for the course for the genre rather than something I'd be ashamed of doing.

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I really want to give Dark Souls a second try. I played about 15 hours before giving up on it. I think the combination of harsh difficulty, cryptic items plus having absolutely no idea what I should be doing got to me.

I died at least 10 times on the Taurus Demon even knowing what I should be doing (jump attack from the tower). Then another 10 deaths on the Bell Gargoyles, and defeating them just felt like pure luck. Then I encountered the Capra Demon which is probably the hardest boss fight I've ever experienced. I don't know how I managed to beat that guy but eventually I did, and again it mostly felt like I caught a lucky break. Then when I got cursed and had to spend an hour reading FAQs on what obtuse things I needed to do to get rid of it, I stopped playing. Going forward after that whole ordeal just felt dreadful. Having a permanent status effect that cuts your HP in half just seems like an attempt to troll the player.

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Being something of a completionist and achievement hunter it would be impossible to not stumble upon some questionable games every now and then... On the other hand, I've had times when I've gone back to a game (for completionist purposes) that I initially didn't care much for and ended up liking it the second time around. Very rarely do I find myself hating a game.

Then again, I seem to have a much higher tolerance for "bad games" than the average hyberbolic forum poster.

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Generally, no. It has happened a couple times but I think that was more of a case of me not feeling well to begin with.