Ryan, poetry in motion.

Ryan being gone... ... ... I feel, as much as I can't believe he's gone and it upsets me, I'm now kind of slightly angry that there's nothing I can do to have him back again with us laughing his awesome little laugh and just being a cool warm asshole with us.

Guess I'm going through the motions... I just don't want him to be gone damn it! Fuck now I'm crying again!

You guys at Giant Bomb knew him best and I imagine that as hard a time as I'm having it's multiplied by ten for all of you.

You will all forever be in my heart and memories and I'm truly grateful for all you do every single week, it brings extra light into my life and Ryan was a part of that. He can NEVER EVER be replaced. And I know you guys don't even think you need to do so. He was an poet of his craft and of life, knew exactly what he wanted and he made it beutiful in the process. Thanks again Ryan, you've enriched my life just by being you.

And as for the rest of you, as Ryan once said, "I love you, you human pieces of shit!" thankyou too!

I don't wish this on any of you but I want to honest and open. You would all equally affect me the same way as Ryan's departure.

Feel proud and stand strong, for you were in his inner circle and he was proud to be in yours!

You men of Giant Bomb.

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