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@jz: What's the combat like in AC IV? Is it AC II: Brotherhood great or AC III really bad?

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I actually had a cry again for Ryan the other day, and not much moves me like that.
Miss you Ryan!

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@truthtellah said:

If they put the same gusto into the ads each week, I'm on board.

I imagine that they would need to regularly change who advertises on the podcast every 2 weeks and what the ad is for to keep their gusto fresh but yeah I'm fine with anything that gets these guys more cashamundo's.

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They really fucked up all the PR before this point, but at least they're finally doing something.

Still, most of the damage is probably done, since a lot of that bad PR exposed the fact that the people in charge of OUYA have no idea what they're doing (or at least made it more obvious than it was from the start).

Neither did Steam when they first started and look where they currently are. The very top of the digital games food chain.

Entrepreneurs should be allowed to make stupid mistakes, that's the point of being an entrepeneur, you have no business degree, just a desire to start a business and some ideas for making it produce a lot of money for you. This inexperience comes at a cost, you have to learn all the knowledge from scratch, which means stupid mistakes like this will happen from time to time while you try and navigate the ship to minimise them and also actually create your intended product or service.

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@i_stay_puft: As devil's advocate, I think it would if you didn't look AT it the first time but saw it in your furthest peripheral vision at the very corner of your eye.

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I'd speculate that without Ryan, everyone on the tiny GB team is massively overworked. They've brought in Alex to help them produce content and take the pressure off a bit. Maybe they'll keep him there permanently, maybe they'll hire someone new in the end. Either way, I feel for those guys right now, I feel like everyone was at capacity anyway and now they must all be terribly overworked.

Definitely not permanent, he has his own place and a lady on the other side of America.

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@the_ruiner said:

I kind of hope he doesn't become permanent...he's cool, but better in small doses...

As is your brutal honesty sir. Jeez!

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I would turn to all of my other hobbies, like reading, drawing, watching movies/tv shows and playing the piano.

This. Although it does scare me of how much I feel I would get more done if I ceased doing all the stuff you listed and gaming too.
It's decided I guess... no more life for me!

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@sanj: This is so great! I request, would you contact the GB crew and offer this up as another item on the store for the Anna fund? I would buy this in a snap even if it wasn't part of the fund but more so if it was!