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Really sad to see Prey 2 was never actually a real thing, but I hope someone makes it, and makes it good. I guess that ship has already sailed anyway.

And I really was hoping for a SiN Episode 2! That game was one of my dark horse surprises but I guess I am the only person who thinks that.

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I really love Patrick's worth reading link dumps. I have no idea what games journalism is or should be, but I also feel no obligation to define it as I sit here and eat my hot fudge sundae pop tarts and watch cat gifs. The links serve as little snippits of analysis on larger topics I may not have been introduced to or even thought as an issue. I do hit a wall where I roll my eyes at a topic that patrick finds super serious, but that's okay! It's great that he is taking the time to work through these things and it's always completely up to the end user to see if an issue strikes them.

That, and I mainly come to this personality-driven site for the personalities and quick look commentary. I don't know how much that's journalism and how much is entertainment, but hey I'm a working adult and don't feel the need to worry about that.

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I built a PC in 2009 that I still use for gaming almost every day. It's amazing how well games scale considering they have to run on gaming consoles released nearly four years prior so they always look better and with some tweaking, almost always run 60fps. I don't really get to use fancy DX11 and sometimes have to drop a game down to 720p, but it's amazing just how great these games can look. I will have to upgrade soon as I've started to run into games I can play on my PC, such as Titanfall, Crysis 3, and Watchdogs, but those are available on other platforms I play so far. This PC has been one of the best gaming investments I've ever made.

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Hey it worked for Buffy and Angel! Will Jeff sense when Vinny is watching from afar?

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Does it give you a sense of entitlement that you get to throw resumes in the trash? Go fuck yourself, this economy is awful and some people have had a really tough time dealing with problems beyond their control. That doesn't make you someone who gets to sit high and mighty cutting down everything that comes your way. There are real people behind those resumes and they deserve a little credit.

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Uematsu did great work for the early Final Fantasy games before taking that weird pop turn for his recent endeavors.

The Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross games still have the best soundtracks past that.

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North Korea is always in the news. If you want more information on how fucked up that society, and some relatively rational people telling you about it, read Nothing to Envy.

If you really want to be depressed, read Aquariums of Pyongyang, one man's story of growing up in the prison camps.

If you want to be really confused while reading a story set with North Korea as the, pick up The Orphans Master's Son.

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I've grown less tolerant of low resolution textures in this day and age of gaming. Space isn't an issue. If it is, make your game multiple discs with installs, as they should have done with Resident Evil 6. Those models looked horrible!

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Right now, I'm looking to get a Wii U myself. I like to wait a while before I get a console anyway because the bloat of games I haven't played and have dropped in price is at that sweet spot to jump in.

I got a PS2 four months after launch and had a tough time building my library. When I got the XBox is 2007 I was able to grab a handful of 20 to 30 dollar games as I could get them before dropping the wad on the system itself. Needless to say I had a pretty good variety.

My last point, though, is if I was rich I would totally get all of these games and systems day one. On well!

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The last great RPG I played. Though, that has more to do with the fact that I was working 3rd shift that summer and had nothing better to do before I went back to college. But when I was done with the game, it made it's way to the top of my favorite gaming experiences.