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Bandwagon? Jesus the battle system was an automated nightmare of made up words and systems that made no sense. The story was complete anime that had no cohesion and again, was completely full of an index of nonsense words. I would hardly call the negative critical reception of that game bandwagony.

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I played through Quake 4 after I bought it used and remember the framerate issues not being as showstopping as some of the reviews mentioned. Yeah, it's not perfect though. Also mine did not seem to have that disc with Quake II.

I sought it out later and ended up being really bummed out, the controls seemed like they were poorly mapped to a mouse and it was awful to control. I found myself dying constantly in bits where I had no trouble on the PC.

I'd still recommend getting it on steam and playing with M/Kb. If that's a dealbreaker and you want controller support it's still worth looking into sourceports over that awful Xbox remaster (with something like a few ZERO point achievements!)

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Although I understand the arguments, by making a product that is bought and sold as a commodity, I can call your game or film lazy and dumb no matter the circumstances. I have no vested interest to offer constructive criticism, I don't have to clarify or break down my opinion on a product. That's the developers problem, not mine.

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As long as you don't give me pink ribbons and call me a ninja dog, I'm fine with playing however I want. If a game is going to be difficult no matter what, I always like a heads up first. Thankfully punishing difficulty was most of the Souls game's marketing so I felt jumping in was a fair gamble.

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If publishers are going to shove day one releases and incentives down the throats of press, and the highest interest in reviews and coverage are on release day, then of course a buggy and broken game at launch is going to burn up a lot of good will. That said, sometimes patched up games end up landing on their feet and become very good games well after the fact, but you won't and shouldn't hear about that because a game that gets pooped out to hit a release day doesn't deserve redemption for being good well after the majority of potential fans got shit all over.

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This happened to my television and it was the HDCP on my TV going out. This will cause no signal from the PS3 but the XBox 360 will work fine with the exception of DVDs and Netflix. One way to confirm it is, in fact, HDCP (high definition copy protection) getting scrambled or whatever is that when you start your Xbox 360, start up a DVD or Netflix and it should just pop up with a white Xbox logo and say HDCP issue or some message like that.

The solution? Glug. I had to get a new TV.

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This is competition at it's finest! Everyone wins yaaay!

Because if there was no cut-throat competition guess what hope you like an always online Xbox One with Kinect for 499.99 this holiday!

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I don't like how they advertised it for sale using Steam's platform them pulled it. That's an unbelievably dirty move no matter how much competition and diversity in PC platforms might be necessary.

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@nodima said:

@spraynardtatum no, they discussed in a recent Bombin'' in the AM that Alex wanted to give the Blackwater game a 0 star review but at the end of the day it was a functional video game so it received 1 star. Drive Club appears playable offline so I think 1 star is the least they would give it.

As for this PS+ edition, at this point they have to just give people the full game and hope for the best next time, right?

Pretty sure Alex explicitly stated he gave Blackwater 1 star because the review system wouldn't allow him to choose a 0 star rating. A game shouldn't get any praise for simply being functional. That's like giving a movie a pass because it has actors and was shot on film and has sound.

Still a feat that someone can get together enough equipment and people to film a thing! Even it is a truly terrible thing...

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I ended up really liking Black Ops II singleplayer story. I guess because most "modern military" shooters always have you doing some thankless behind the scenes thing that doesn't quite add up to anything, Black Ops II had some really great moments later on where all those small things added that finally exploded into a pretty great climax and resolution.