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Uematsu did great work for the early Final Fantasy games before taking that weird pop turn for his recent endeavors.

The Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross games still have the best soundtracks past that.

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North Korea is always in the news. If you want more information on how fucked up that society, and some relatively rational people telling you about it, read Nothing to Envy.

If you really want to be depressed, read Aquariums of Pyongyang, one man's story of growing up in the prison camps.

If you want to be really confused while reading a story set with North Korea as the, pick up The Orphans Master's Son.

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I've grown less tolerant of low resolution textures in this day and age of gaming. Space isn't an issue. If it is, make your game multiple discs with installs, as they should have done with Resident Evil 6. Those models looked horrible!

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Right now, I'm looking to get a Wii U myself. I like to wait a while before I get a console anyway because the bloat of games I haven't played and have dropped in price is at that sweet spot to jump in.

I got a PS2 four months after launch and had a tough time building my library. When I got the XBox is 2007 I was able to grab a handful of 20 to 30 dollar games as I could get them before dropping the wad on the system itself. Needless to say I had a pretty good variety.

My last point, though, is if I was rich I would totally get all of these games and systems day one. On well!

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The last great RPG I played. Though, that has more to do with the fact that I was working 3rd shift that summer and had nothing better to do before I went back to college. But when I was done with the game, it made it's way to the top of my favorite gaming experiences.

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I've never been great at hiding it, because since video games and other nerdy stuff is such a part of who I am that it eventually comes out. That said, there's always a time and place to throw down deep discussion of star wars lore. Sometimes it happens at work. If somebody wants to broach the issue at a popular local bar, I'll do it. No shame here, ha!

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Laid out for a doctors visit at the end of 2013 so I played 10000000 on my Kindle to pass the time until the ball dropped. First game of 2014 would be some Far Cry 3 and Link Between Worlds! Loving both!

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@rorie: Saw some of the twitter posts about the gross reaction to Gone Home really had me thinking. In the past, many people really just had to debate the merits of hot video game releases on a good or bad, agree or disagree scale. In some sense, there was never a need for a review or top ten list to establish any larger context than that. I think gaming now includes such a broad swath of choices that there's a bigger defensive reaction when something seems to be making waves but hits the inevitable barrier when it flat out does not appeal to an individual.

I've always cited the reaction to Phoenix Wright as the moment of clarity for me. It got huge buzz, and a friend even let me borrow it. I got drunk, started playing it, and said "What the fuck am I doing? Anime lawyer? Text? Ugh." and shut it off. A hilariously close-minded approach sure, but sober me has since realized that as much as gaming is near and dear to my heart there also exists some genres that will not resonate with me, and genres like adventure games have never stuck, no matter how many times in however many decades I will re-try.

These "empathy games" have actually had the same effect: I've gotten stressed in a really uncomfortable, almost unexplainable way when watching games like Papers Please and Cart Life on the live shows and quick looks. And much like Phoenix Wright or Space Channel 5, I can appreciate their existence and ability to bring satisfaction to some but also can move on with my own self to other, equally intelligent games that personally resonate like Euro Truck Simulator 2.

Basically what I mean is more power to everyone. If you enjoy it, enjoy it!

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Worst is always two different categories; most disappointing and most flat out broke. Jesus Christ Rise of the Triad was unplayable. As boring as some games can be or rough around the edges there's always a special place in hell for the products that feel like they're still in alpha.

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Thankfully the times my saves ate it were relatively near the start of a game. The only soul crushing over-writes were when a friend wiped my Mystic Quest save near the end and a Legend of Mana save in college. I just now finished Mystic Quest on the Wii VC this year, and never looked back for the latter.

Steam games have crashed and knocked out cloud saves and XBLA games created new saves if I selected the wrong memory device, but I've been lucky and probably lost only a handful of hours of gameplay time through that.