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This thread is terrorism.

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How could I live with myself knowing that YOU are disappointed in me?

And he probably should have died doing it, because you can't really rely on conductors kicking you in the head to try to save your life.

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Not that graphics are that important, but for the supposed "next/current gen" only version, it doesn't look any better than AC4.

Did you even take a closer look? They're just very early screenshots, here's a ton of stuff still missing. The floor and "walls" are see-through, no sky and no grass or anything like that.

Also {draw weapon}, {parkour up/down} ... so not even the HUD is finished.

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@Sgtpierceface: He's interested in what's most popular at the time. Right now it's feminists and how the patriarchy is oppressing them, while men are being sexualized just as much in video games as women.

Sadly nobody cares about men, because MUH VAGINA

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I need the archived version.

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@Pr1mus: But breaking review embargos isn't illegal.

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@tread311 said:

I'm currently playing Corpse Party and that game is pretty bleak.

And then you get panty shots.

But yeah, it's a pretty intense game even in the beginning

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The live stream started at 10pm and was an hour long.

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Steam said Nov 2012 anyway, so I expected it to be released around the end of November.

There's not even a shortage of games until AC3s release

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@Chop said:

Not game related, but I sometimes use my computer as an alarm clock and yeah, its nearly made me late for work. Fuck you, Windows updates.

When I listen to the bombcast in Chrome, it sometimes crashes flash, which then crashes the website I use for the alarm clock.

Somehow I still woke up right on time.

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