It's Time for today's installment of FRIFL! Today's game is.....

QUANTUM THEORY MOTHERFUCKERS (Full disclosure: The game's correct title is Quantum Theory, because it sucks too much to have motherfucker in the title) 
Ok, so basically, some guys tried to take old school dungeon crawling and add guns too it, also making the camera angle 3rd person FPS over the shoulder style. 
 Fun right? WRONG. They sucked all the fun out of it. My game went like this: shoot same (albeit cool-looking) enemy, duck behind cover, and repeat until you reach a door. And it tried so hard to copy Gears of War. Not even kidding, the cover system had to be almost directly ripped from it. But it wasn't fun like Gears of War. I feel dirty for even mentioning it in the same sentence. Oh, and the tower's alive apparently. I mean, what the fuck? Anyways this bland rip-off gets   SPOILER WARNING: Click here to reveal hidden content.