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Today's subject is the music group "m1dy". Here I go: 
"Goddamn Electronica on Fucking Speed" 
So there you have it faithful readers (what's up Gabe?), If that sounds awesome to you, check out m1dy, available now on Japanese music shelves (and download sites worldwide). Support Piracy!

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Oh dear god why this?

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You only have five words to work with and you waste two of them on goddamn and fucking. Seems like a waste. :P (I hate my phones autocorrect) 
Edit: Back on my computer where I can edit. Take that.

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@JJWeatherman: Pony ^^ I couldn't agree more ;) 
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My own StarCraft 2 skills:  
Surely, they are not best.

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@JJWeatherman: I'm sorry I used my pony words on goddamn and fucking but I couldn't contain my excitement about it :)
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M.I.A.'s Maya
Instantly my favorite of 2010

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I prefer Ice T's way of reviewing.

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I feel like "full review in five words" is a massive oxymoron. Also, as stated above the best reviewer in the business is Ice T.

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@CaptainObvious: Forgive me for asking, but how exactly does Ice-T review?
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Five words are not enough.

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@TotallyGeeky said:
" @CaptainObvious: Forgive me for asking, but how exactly does Ice-T review? "
For example: 
"FLTG Medal Of Honor Beta Review: Sucks."
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My view of activision: 
Activision sucks both my balls 
My review of the bombcast split: 
Seriously, what were they thinking?