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@assinass said:

I'm only having problems with the first person cutscenes (not the actual cutscenes) with low framerate, but the rest I'm getting above 35-50fps on my mediocre laptop with an ATI mobility radeon 5650 card. The rest of people who actually have a good rig/setup haven't had any issues getting it to run 60fps. I'd definitely like a patch to help the framerate, but when I'm fucking playing this fucking awesome game and making a mess out of people with dual fucking auto shotguns and no ADS, I don't give a shit about anything else.

Same but using dual GeForce GT755M GDDR5 2GB cards.

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Vanløse, Copenhagen, Denmark

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XB982 from Valérian and Laureline.

oh, and every single ship form the Imperial Navy as well as the Chaos & Space Marine Fleets from Warhammer 40k.

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I'm mucking around on the server as well. I have no idea where I am in relation to the GB compound, but I'm having a blast building a house in a vally filled with pigs and zombies. I go by totendeer in Rust as well as on GB.
Neat server!

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Shit like this is the real reason as to why GB is the best site on the interwebs.

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I've just sent a request for the second xbox360 crew. Social Club name is totendeer, Xbox name is HjortEn.

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What is with the hyper-clean aesthetic of most new action flicks these days? Anyway. It seems like a plot stolen from a bunch of other car-movies mashed together to fit an IP as good as possible. Will most likely end up watching it anyway seeing as I am a terrible person. (And then again, how could they ever hope to match the latest Fast&Furious).

Less drama and more idiotic car action needed.

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This is one of the most horrible ways in which to begin a week that I can imagine. What GB does is not simply to deliver news and entertainment, but to create a feeling of hanging out with friends and equals. The feeling of loss for a person I've never met, is way more profound than I could have imagined. A billion condolences to everybody related to him, be it family friends, family or simply fellow admirers of a fantastic duder.

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Finally got everything working, and applied to the corp a couple of hours ago!

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Orsus Totendeer

I play at all random times of the day, but mostly mornings and evenings in the GMT+1 timezone.

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