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Not appearing for me. All I got is a follow button.

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The soul sacrifice is in sore need of new info plus the main image isn't ever the real logo.

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It's no better than gamefaqs now.

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This game looks so fucking good, but it's made by the literaly worst company ever. T__T

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@SuperJoe said:

boobs and rape for everyone!

I'm already sold no need to sweeten the pot even more.
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like every game that's come out this year is one I've either beaten or played.

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Sometimes I wonder who buys this shit. Maybe I'm just a total cynic.

Collectors, cosplayers. Also, when you see it in the shop, it looks like a really good idea to buy it. I bought three Bioshock 2 Adam syringes because they were at a reasonable price ($20) and looked cool. Only later did I realize my mistake...

The costume thing is really the only thing that this makes sense for, to me - it doesn't seem like the sort of thing that'd be particularly cool looking just sitting on a self. And really, just buying all your costume pieces pre-made like this kind of defeats the purpose. I find it far cooler when somebody builds their own costume and accessories.

Well if you did some custom paint on it, it would look better. If you make it look actually metallic and set it up so you can see the assassin's  symbol. I think it would look cool on a shelf.  Put that Assassin's American flag behind it and you got yourself a theme.
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holy shit is the story mode persona 4-2?

This is a canon sequel to Persona 4.

I thought it was just some weird ass fighting game.
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holy shit is the story mode persona 4-2?