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I wonder if Adam Scott has anything to do with the game, as he was the guy who announced the Phantom Pain trailer.

Is it a Parks and Rec spinoff?

MGS5 is highly based on "Cones of Dunshire", the only game more complicated than Metal Gear.

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If I wait long enough Jeff stops talking about how everything I like is terrible, and then the podcast moves on to something else.

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I won't keep playing a game I don't like, but I have specifically set out to play games I knew I'd hate for some bizarre educational purpose.

I played all the way through X-men: Destiny last year because I wanted to know just HOW MUCH it would disappoint me. Spoiler: very much.

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I don't know if "slower" is the right word, but the pacing of 3 is super weird.

You get thrown into the crazy shadow stuff IMMEDIATELY, but then the game just kind of coasts forEVER, up until the beach trip, at which point a ton of plot happens bizarrely fast.

4 has a much longer "opening", introducing various elements one by one, but I think it's a better strategy. They really learn the right pace to dole out new concepts.

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Well, as long as you're not working for Lang.

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I bought this yesterday:

There's "exclusive content" in this shaving cream. I'd have to double check, but 3 guesses how you get that content.

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Oh god sad montage. I really liked the content Rev3 was making at it's height.

But yeah, begin mandatory "GB should hire Tara/Nick" petitions.