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I bought this yesterday:

There's "exclusive content" in this shaving cream. I'd have to double check, but 3 guesses how you get that content.

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Oh god sad montage. I really liked the content Rev3 was making at it's height.

But yeah, begin mandatory "GB should hire Tara/Nick" petitions.

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I feel like it would have worked far better if there was just say an X button icon visible by the coffin, but without the full context for the action. Just enough to let you know it's intractable. It's the full description that kicks it over into absurdity.

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First of all, thank's for this. I totally empathise with not wanting to give terrible people more attention than they deserve, but a site like GB taking a stand will likely go a ways toward making a lot of people feel less alone in all this.

For those that truly hold that GG is in fact about ethics, I really feel like there has been a major failing to understand the difference between "journalism" and "criticism". They are related but not one and the same. A review will be printed in a newspaper, but it isn't "news".

Furthermore, games are are part of "entertainment journalism", which in itself is not really analogous to the capital J journalism. This isn't meant to disparage anyone that works in it, I just feel like it's something of a fallacy to expect the guy who reports on how many guns the new CoD has to a white house correspondent or something. Just some thoughts to ponder I guess.

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I've said it on twitter and I'll say it here.

Samantha Kalman is the Daniel Bryan of PAX.

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I would throw out "UH! UH! UH! UH! UH!" as the battle cry.

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I do Bombcast animations (like this one and this one) and I'm thinking about doing a new one. The first two have featured everyone except Patrick (and Dan, but he’s new).

I'm looking for suggestions on funny Bombcast clips featuring Scoops. Anyone have any to recommend? (If you can point me to the episode itself, that'd be a big help)

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I told them not to give Luigi a fucking medical degree! Idiots!

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Here's the thing. It was a Harmonix live stream. Anyone watching that would ALREADY be, if not a backer, someone who's prone to support them. How would Jeff calling into that influence anyone?

If anything, Drake coming on GB's stream and talking about it would be the problem. That would be the case of a games journalism site pushing a kickstarter. If you have a problem with something, that'd be the thing. (I don't care mind you, but there you have it)