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There was so many tears at EVO this year, I think I counted at least 8 people on stage on finals day that had tears rolling down their cheeks.

Thanks for doing this interview Patrick, would love to see you do more stuff about the fighting game community/Smash Bros. scene.

Somebody mentioned it but yeah, Maxwell McGee was at EVO this year, he loves fighting games and was pretty much solely responsible for content of that kind appearing on Gamespot the past few years.

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I just had a vision hit me.

What if CBSi is combining Giant Bomb and Gamespot into the same thing and call it Giant Game or Bombspot or something!

Game Bomb.


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-You could make an entire website with the people they laid off, in terms of what positions they have this reminds me of when GB got started

-I wonder if who they fired has anything to do with the popularity survey that users could fill out awhile back when you went to GS, just seems weird that those people have been there for so many years while there's so many newer people that have come on the past few years. That's a ton of experience they're throwing away.

-Stop talking mess about another site's community, we've done our fair share of things not to be proud of lately

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Maxwell was pretty cool the one time he was on that Professional Wednesday show, too.

I think he was one of the first of the Gamespot staff to blend right in with the GB staff, Vinny even commented that when Maxwell & Patrick were looking at Ridiculous Fishing it was just like they were doing a Quick Look. Also Maxwell was pretty much the only write at GS who cared about fighting games.

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I've been trying to tell some of those people for so long to get their faces in front of cameras more often, too often you forget they even work there because you never see them. On that note, Gamespot does a horrible job of letting viewers know that they're livestreaming, too often I'll go to their site and can't find anywhere on the front page that there's a stream going on, and on twitch they'll be lucky to have even 100 viewers watching. It's really hard to believe that it's still a problem that they haven't fixed yet, they bury their own content all the time.

Also you'd think that Jeff's ideas about where the industry is going would have rubbed off on them more than it has, this past E3 Kevin VanOrd had a list of previews he wrote up for the games, and I asked him if anybody was actually reading them. So much of the way they do things is still stuck 10-15 years in the past, and it's really sad because the amount of talent they just lost today makes me ridiculously sad.

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Gamespot has so much staff there sometimes I don't see people for months and just assume they don't work there anymore, then they pop up on a livestream. But yeah Caro, Kevin and McShea are the writers that I go there for primarily. The Danny video stuff goes without saying.

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Those PS3 games are the exact games that were offered in the Welcome Back thing,(except replace Rain with Wipeout HD). I guess that means if I got those 2 games then I get nothing now? So if the Welcome Back thing was "good enough", then why this now exactly?

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I like all kinds of speedruns. You can't say glitched runs take no skill, so many of them, including in this run are frame perfect and so hard to get on the first try, a lot of times missing them costs you a lot of time. Cosmo only screwed up about 4 seconds of an otherwise perfect run, until somebody finds a way to take off another chunk of time this'll probably stand for awhile.

Looking forward to a possible interview, hopefully at least recorded and maybe a video interview. Can't believe Patrick didn't know they were both in Chicago until now though haha.

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South Park The Stick of Truth was amazing for me being a massive South Park fan.

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Gamespot producer Andy Bauman made this video of recommendations after Sleeping Dogs came out.

Edit: Also I remember seeing this list from Kotaku around the time Sleeping Dogs came out aswell. Few different movies but Infernal Affairs is mentioned in both.