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So I thought Patrick would have posted this, completely forgetting that wouldn't be the case anymore. This is hard to get used to.

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@superkenon: So I have this page bookmarked and have used it a lot over the past year to look back on the GOTY content and I'm just gonna bump this so hopefully you can include this year's stuff aswell. Thanks!

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Selfishly, I'm angry and very sad.

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Really rooting for Bayonetta 2 as Giant Bomb's GOTY.

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@tournamentofhate: I think a big part of that was due to needing that subscription money. And while that's still a really important thing, this year they have gotten into ad revenue money as well. I think those are the old days now my friend. But look on the bright side!!! There is so much coming out now on the site. It's mostly thanks to Dan. Both Metal Gear Scanlon and the Mario Party series have been golden.

I know they planned to do one last year, but you know. Then they didn't really have the man power this year until Dan and Jason got here but they were settling in and Vinny had just moved so I guess even if they wanted to it wouldn't have worked out. Still, I'd like to see more live shows for the non-premium members because they hardly ever get to see these guys(mostly all they get is The Bombcast and Quick Looks). Without TNT and the once a month free Happy Hour I'm not sure if I would have subscribed.

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When Dan & Jeff were in that intense round of jump rope in one of the Mario Party games and Jason was switching the camera back and forth really fast showing both their faces and they had completely different expressions on their faces. Dan was freaking out and Jeff had the most expressionless face ever. Then they tied.

I mean really, most of these are going to have Dan in it. Him and Jason have been massive contributions to the site and really injected some positive energy into the place and helped make the site really exciting lately. Really hoping for a Big Live Live Show Live next year to see what these guys would pull off, been too long since there's been one.

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I love the double shot of them doing a live show right before UPF, with maybe an hour break in between shows to have time to make something to eat. The one time they had Cara Elison and Tina Amini to play with them was cool, hopefully their new office and stuff will allow for more of that and I'm guessing the East Coast has some industry people that we don't see on the site that often/at all.

As much as I like Patrick and Alex doing a live show in the mornings, I think I would prefer them to just add Vinny and do a weekly Giant Bomb (the) Rest Bombcast. Seems like a lot of times Bombin' doesn't have a lot to talk about when it's twice a week and the send in questions idea has brought up a lot of questions we've heard the guys get asked a bunch of times before in Jar/Coffee Time videos.

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South Park won't show up for me either.

I heard Bayonetta 2 isn't selling well. People need to buy that game for several reasons.

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So this looks awesome but everytime I see somebody playing it they're starring at their gamepad the whole time.

Well, yeah. You have to draw paths for Kirby, that would be incredibly hard to do if you were looking away from the surface you were drawing on.

It'd be weird to look at a gamepad the whole time when there's a big screen TV right in front of me. Obviously this isn't the only Wii U game that does this.

Yeah, but that's becoming somewhat of a running theme with the WiiU, at least among me and the people I know who have one. Even if my TV isn't being used by other people, I often find myself flipping on the Gamepad and nothing else and playing that way.

Hmm interesting. I guess I could save power by not having to use my TV.