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Nice work Patrick. So excited for SOMA.

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So weird that this goes up the same day as the Vib-Ribbon QL. Brad actually says in this video "This is the fucking sequel to Vib-Ribbon that I've been waiting for all these years."

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Yeah they tried to keep it too much like On The Spot before, with the news segment and new game releases for the week. On weeks where there wasn't much going on and didn't have any devs coming on to show games it felt like half a show. Hopefully once in awhile they'll do a Professional Wednesdays type of show where it's like half GB and half GS crews, but they seem to be mixing it up more regularly now anyway that that's probably not needed(I just miss the back and forths Ryan and Chris used to have).

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Doesn't the PS4 not support audio CDs, or did they patch that in later?

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The sudden clamouring for this game seems really weird to me. If this game was this beloved where was all the hype for it pre-E3? A lot of this just seems like a bandwagon to me.

It is silly. Everyone that is holy-smokes excited for this will play it once or twice and probably not touch it again. Those who have never heard about it will probably care even less, to a negative degree scale I presume.

It was a novel thing at the time but it doesn't mean it was actually a great game per-se.

They're releasing a game in NA that was never released here, how is that anything but good news.

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Oh Jeff, I'm so sorry to hear this. I hope you and your family find any strength necessary to get through this. We love you man.

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The new shirt is not offering shipping to Canada right now it looks like.

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This makes me clad Phish left. Dave Lang is just ONE example of the type of people we need/the morale that will keep the industry an amazing place to work. If you really give a damn, bear down and work through it.

He did work through it, that's why we have Fez. Then death threats started happening, I don't think anybody should have to work through that.

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Your wife hates South Park but watches Keeping Up With the Kardashians?

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Well shit.

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Jim Sterling called this just days before it was announced.