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My backlog is massive but I'm planning on getting South Park and Dark Souls 2 on Day 1. I hardly ever get retail games at full price but it's like I've been waiting for Matt & Trey to make a South Park game since the show started. It's my favourite show and I'm super excited to play an awesome South Park game.

I want to play Dark Souls 2 while that's new and before too much stuff about that game gets out there. I'm going in expecting it not to be as good as Dark Souls just so I don't get disappointed. I mean they have to follow up what is many people's favourite game of the generation(mine included), like is that even a possible task? So I'm just kind of expecting more of the same and I'll like that.

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So I started playing through the game again after you started Patrick, and I got to Smough & Ornstein, I think only 5 or 6 levels below what you were at that point. The game did feel much easier than when I first played. Now I don't know how much of that is because I've played it before(and twice more in NG+), but I remember doing way more farming my first time playing and having a much tougher time. One big example is those Twinkling Titanite that you used to upgrade your Blackknight Great Axe, when the game was released you couldn't buy those from any vendor, they were a rare drop from those oyster enemies, I had to farm them for hours to get enough to upgrade my weapon. At least with that patch it cut out a lot of farming because it made more items available to buy/less expensive. You're right though, at least you and other people getting into the game later can say that they beat it, and playing it is better than never giving it much of a chance. Thanks for the write-up. :D

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They laughed at me for hanging around my computer all day today and yesterday. Oh how they laughed. WHO'S LAUGHING NOW?!

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@bboys2231: I think it says they ship mid-Feb. at the earliest. I'm guessing the guys will do a signing posters livestream like they did last time so they'll have to make time for that.

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Finally I can move on with my life hahaha. Thanks Rorie!

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This article is insane. So excited to listen to the Dumptrucks for it. What a crazy story. My favourite quotes: "They put their dick on the table, and we chopped it off." "We're gonna take these three regions, give them the finger, and then fuck off."

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Honestly I was getting worried, glad you're back and hopefully you can beat this thing.

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I've actually avoided a lot of information about this and waited for Patrick to do his write-up.