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Oh Jeff, I'm so sorry to hear this. I hope you and your family find any strength necessary to get through this. We love you man.

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The new shirt is not offering shipping to Canada right now it looks like.

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This makes me clad Phish left. Dave Lang is just ONE example of the type of people we need/the morale that will keep the industry an amazing place to work. If you really give a damn, bear down and work through it.

He did work through it, that's why we have Fez. Then death threats started happening, I don't think anybody should have to work through that.

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Your wife hates South Park but watches Keeping Up With the Kardashians?

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Well shit.

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Jim Sterling called this just days before it was announced.

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@amyggen said:

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@amyggen: I dont actually know, but based on whos left, if they even consider it an EIC it will probably be Kevin.

Just a guess, though.

Kevin would be my guess, too. I'm pretty sure that there will still be an Editor in Chief position, but the hierarchy has completely shaken up. I can't imagine how this transition is going to play out.

Yeah, he's the most senior guy left there at least. And I'm sure they'll have an EIC, there's not many sites out there without one.

That's my guess too as I THINK Kevin was the one right under Calvert before this. But like, one in office guy in charge of reviews and a whole bunch of freelancers that live out of town/work from home. I would imagine it would be difficult to lead a reviews team when you hardly ever seen them.

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Sometimes we forget how important some people are to a site just because we don't see them on camera. So thought I'd post these tweets about how important Justin Calvert was to Gamespot as Editor-in-Chief.

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There was so many tears at EVO this year, I think I counted at least 8 people on stage on finals day that had tears rolling down their cheeks.

Thanks for doing this interview Patrick, would love to see you do more stuff about the fighting game community/Smash Bros. scene.

Somebody mentioned it but yeah, Maxwell McGee was at EVO this year, he loves fighting games and was pretty much solely responsible for content of that kind appearing on Gamespot the past few years.

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I just had a vision hit me.

What if CBSi is combining Giant Bomb and Gamespot into the same thing and call it Giant Game or Bombspot or something!

Game Bomb.