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So this looks awesome but everytime I see somebody playing it they're starring at their gamepad the whole time.

Well, yeah. You have to draw paths for Kirby, that would be incredibly hard to do if you were looking away from the surface you were drawing on.

It'd be weird to look at a gamepad the whole time when there's a big screen TV right in front of me. Obviously this isn't the only Wii U game that does this.

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So this looks awesome but everytime I see somebody playing it they're starring at their gamepad the whole time.

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Wanted to like 2 so much but the controls just didn't click with me. Awesome if the new one does.

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Anyone else think they mean "Mortal Kombat 8" whenever someone uses the abbreviation "MK8?" I didn't even play hardly any Mortal Kombat games, but somehow after hearing a lot of people just say "MK9" and always say "Mario Kart" I can't wrap my head around using "MK8" as the abbreviation.

I do this every time.

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Makes pirates want to pirate their games more, and Ubi will blame not making money from being on Steam as to why the PC ports will get worse and worse.

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CD Projekt RED has always been GREAT to its customers.

That's why they started taking pre-orders 8 months before release, and before showing the game to the public.

That was a shitty move.

Who cares? Any other company would start taking pre-orders after the announce trailer, nobody has to pre-order it, and they're not missing out on anything if they don't. Like if that's the worst you can say about that company then that's pretty dam good.

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CD Projekt RED has always been GREAT to its customers.

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That Morrowind video is pretty awesome. Thought about skipping it and starting with Oblivion but probably not now.

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Found this thread doing a google search. So I was in the middle of re-watching the series of Breaking Bad on BluRay and everything was going fine until I got to season 4, then it took forever for the disc icon to show up on the XMB. It tries to load for awhile and then goes back to the XMB saying this video cannot be played. I can't get it to even get to the BluRay main menu. Tried everything in this thread along with a bunch of other suggestions found elsewhere but nothing worked, even reformatted my entire PS3. I tried the same disk on my friend's PS3 and it ran fine. So looks like it's my laser or BluRay drive is dying. A lot of people that had the same problem say that at first it was the movies that weren't able to be read but the games played fine, but eventually the games wouldn't load or play either. At least my games work for me now but I don't know for how long. I've had my slim for about 4 years, wanted it to last longer than that but I guess not. Really curious to see how many PS3s and 360s are around 20 years from now, hopefully this digitally playing games becomes a thing so we can still play this stuff.

Just wanted to post that in case anybody else comes across this thread and doesn't have any luck.

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Best case is this sells really well and we can also get VC 2 & 3 put on Steam as I didn't have a PSP so didn't play those.

Yo if SEGA brings an awesome version of Vanquish to PC I'd shat me pants.