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The Grand Finals from last year happened off stream this year with 2 streams showing Marvel, crazy. Also they both ended and Top 8 wasn't even decided yet lol.

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Rooting for Gamerbee or an American, though aiai taking it would be neat.

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@flstyle: USF4 alone has over 100K. Excited to see the numbers on Sunday.

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@hassun: You talking about the Salty Suite on Sat. night? I think NYCFurby is doing that instead of sp00ky(though he will be hosting nycfurby's channel so guess it doesn't matter). Also AZProjectMelee is doing the Smash Doubles Tournaments & Project M...unless we're not caring about Smash.

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Super Arcade thing is such a bummer, and after the previous landlord waited until after their renovations to increase their rent? Hopefully this all works out for them. I miss WNF.