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It's honestly weird to me that Patrick has so many detractors for his missteps(imagined or otherwise, have no interest in getting into that), but Dan's forays into ludicrously willful ignorance tend to get laughed off. I'm sure people just find Dan more charming so he gets away with more, or maybe it's just so cavalier you can't help but laugh a little, but it actually keeps making me feel bad for Patrick. I can barely imagine the shit he'd get if he said half the stuff Dan says.

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I'm sort of surprised Dan manages to escape his house every morning.

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MSE is the way to go, I remember hearing somewhere that the reason they don't package it into windows by default is that doing so was a monopoly lawsuit risk, or some other anti-competition infraction.

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Personally, I don't watch trailers, first impression, ect. for anything- I often don't even know a game is out until the reviews hit, and sometimes I don't even know the game exists till then.

This has worked out fantastic. Getting invested in a product based on info mostly doled out or filtered through someone with a financial stake in the game or a marketing department is a losing proposition, the very best outcome possible is that it's harmless but not helpful. I know it makes me "that guy", so I try to keep it to myself, but I always roll my eyes at the inevitable disproportionate tide of defenders when a hyped game is garbage or mediocre, existing in large part because they got emotionally invested in marketing smoke and mirrors.

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@grantheaslip: It's analogous enough that taking issue with it feels pedantic.

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I... don't think this has anything to do with the uncanny valley, Patrick. I think you make good points aside from that, but the uncanny valley is really just meant to refer to the area between reality and what we can make - in which something is disturbing to a portion of an audience because of what it's missing despite looking so close to human. So the Japanese head robots are, but developers inability to make use of kinect properly wouldn't fall into the uncanny valley. [...]

Yeah, I was going to say the same thing. Uncanny valley has a pretty specific meaning, and this isn't it.

It actually does, in that it it the same type of phenomenon applied to kinesthetic and spatial perceptions rather than purely visual perceptions. Here's a better explanation: Extra Credits: Kinect Disconnect

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You know Cliff, don't think there was a single person who thought otherwise, but any excuse to bitch smugly, I guess. Yes, I am aware of the hypocrisy.

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I'm still not convinced a bulky VR headset has a future as a major gaming platform, but as a interesting gadget they could probably benefit from the wide crowd an advertising blitz from Facebook could reach.

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What, you mean vocal portions of the Souls community are looking down their nose at somebody? Say it ain't so.

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@singingmenstrual: The Valve documentary I want to see isn't made or sponsored by Valve, though. Which would be true of any documentary on a corporation.