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It's not much stress, your PC should be able to handle it fine if it does your monitor at 1920x1080 already.

Now that you're going to be using dual screen, and I assume not 100% of the time, here is your lesson. Windows Key + P. IN Windows 7 and Windows 8 this brings up the menu for selecting your display devices. Some catches on it though. If your monitor is DVI or VGA but your television is HDMI, it's going to call your television the "PC Screen." Your monitor will be the "Second Screen." The four options are: PC screen only, Duplicate (mirrors the images), Extend (you can manage apps on both screens separately), and Second screen only. If you get into 3-screen territory like myself it gets even weirder. If I want to use my 2 27" monitors I tell Windows to do second screen only. If I want all 3, I do extend.

Also, when you set up your dual monitors be sure to go into the display properties and set your main display. Get to it by right clicking on the desktop and picking Screen Resolution. From there you can set your main desktop screen. I'd recommend keeping it as your monitor and using the television as the extension because of weirdness with desktop icons.

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I found that 8.1 was rife with issues for my desktop and laptop :(

On my laptop the sound drivers were replaced with generic Microsoft ones, and I was unable to change them. They were constantly blasting 100% and wouldn't let me mute them. On my desktop it was throwing unhandled exceptions with just about every program at start up. Additionally my event logs were cluttered with tons of critical errors. A real bummer. If I had a way to wipe my drive and go straight to 8.1 it wouldn't be an issue, and this is exactly why I recommend never "upgrading" your installation of Windows. It's a shame I can't upgrade my Windows 8 key to 8.1, even for a nominal fee.

8.1 is being pushed as a service pack though, and I never had these issues with XP going to SP1/2/3, or with 7 going to SP1. I guess the difference here is that previous service packs were just bundled updates and 8.1 is a re-jiggering of how Windows 8 worked.

@s10129107: I have noticed since upgrading from 7 to 8 a couple things. Mostly decreased boot speed. It over all seems snappier when opening large programs as well. And this was on both SSD and HDDs. Plus there's just little perks, like being able to mount ISOs without needing 3rd party software, the extra information on screen when moving or copying files, etc. The real reason I stuck with 8 is because I just like the aesthetic though - I know a lot of people dislike how Windows 8 controls and after using it on a touch screen laptop I totally agree. At this point I'm so used to Windows 8 that going back to 7 feels the same as it did going back to XP/2k when I'd been using 7.

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I'd like to see what mine looks like with a Santa hat or two. And sorry to be so demanding, but I'd like one for Freddy Fender.

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You're right. Apple never has any issues, ever.

Your device isn't "dead." Your bootloader is fine, and I imagine your recovery partition is fine as well. Find yourself someone who knows Android debugging and get them to fix it for you. Or, hell. Do it yourself. Find the Android SDK, install the USB drivers with it, and then run the fastboot command. You can grab the images you need off of Google's site and upload them using the fastboot flash commands and reinstall Android.

Over simplified, but your device is not broken.

PS: Don't live in south Texas, do you? I'd totally fix it for you. Free of charge and all.

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He needs to work on his groin-eye coordination. Those were some really pathetic thrusts.

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@intro: Your hard drive should support SMART - a feature on storage devices that logs information concerning functionality and performance. To check, open a command prompt (Hold Windows Key, hit R) and type CMD. Use the command "wmic" and then on the next line type "diskdrive get status". It should come up and say "OK" for each of your drives.

To get detailed information you'll need a third party program, such as from Get the Shiuzuku Edition (zip), unzip the files, and run DiskInfo.exe. It'll show you all the SMART information about your drives and sum it up (as in good or bad health).

Regardless, you should always have a backup of your data so take care of that if you have not already.

And with what DetectiveSpecial said, check your hard drive for "pagefile.sys." This is where Windows stores memory from your RAM when not in use. Make sure it's not gigantic (I'd guess it should be around 2 gigs?) or growing by leaps and bounds. To check what it should be around, right click on My Computer, go to properties, select Advanced System Settings, (on new window) select the Advanced tab, and under Performance click on Settings. On another new window, click on the Advanced tab and it will show you the approximate size of the pagefiles on respective drives under the title "Virtual memory." I've seen cases where it should be about 1 gigabyte but Windows was dumping everything into the pagefile.

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@adoggz: 2 days of /who'ing would agree. Ran into some nice people though so I'll probably just run with them. Thanks for letting me know for sure though

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What I'm gathering from this is that Giant Bomb merch ships with free cocaine. I better order me some hoodies.

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Is the guild still active? Looking to get back into WoW and thought I'd check in with you guys. No one online at the moment :(

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My ONLY problem... I use a podcast app on my phone and it's set to auto download from the GBcast RSS feed as well as the premium RSS feed. Now I get two bomb casts. Be nice if they split the Premium non-Bombcast and Premium Bombcast feeds so that doesn't happen.

Regardless, I'm listening to the one with ads. Another subject that Jeff will surely make me wet myself with, and I love when Jeff makes me wet.