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I wasn't aware this was something that anyone in the GB community was even concerned with. I'm kind of glad to see it on one level, but I got so burned out on the thought of it even that I just can't care anymore myself.

It's not going to matter what you do though - as long as there's any kind of connection to GamerGate there's always going to be some one that will attribute the movement to misogyny and people they perceive to be scum, while protecting people that are very much the same. If anything, stop going to websites where you don't trust the writers. If anything, the hashtag should be #integrity. It's a bummer that developers and press are in bed together, but there's not much you can do (besides voting with your wallet) considering how small, cliquish, and inbred the industry is.

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Werewolf: The Last Warrior

Sorry for Grooveshark link

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Super happy with my Logitech F710 wireless controller. Supports XInput, so it has the same compatibility of a Xbox 360 controller but it feels like a Dual Shock.

Should also note it supports Direct Input, which is the old school scheme which is nice if you're playing older games that might not support the trigger axes or some other jazz.

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I loved the press-heavy segments. You did great booking people that you wouldn't expect (Phil Spencer? Shu? Damn.). And Jeff was a pretty good host. You've both done a good job of filling shoes for this. I'm proud of you boys.

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Fuck. Your. Dragon. Age. Get this poll out of my si(gh)t(e).

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@trafalgarlaw: I feel like the hobby tends to draw in people that are introverts to an extreme, often depressed (in a clinical sense), and isolated from others. I know I share Fameoner's sentiments towards the staff at GiantBomb for nearly all the same reasons.

@fameoner : Fist bump bro. Ryan was my Princess Diana, too. And it's been weird and wonderful.

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Los Fresnos, TX, USA

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It's not much stress, your PC should be able to handle it fine if it does your monitor at 1920x1080 already.

Now that you're going to be using dual screen, and I assume not 100% of the time, here is your lesson. Windows Key + P. IN Windows 7 and Windows 8 this brings up the menu for selecting your display devices. Some catches on it though. If your monitor is DVI or VGA but your television is HDMI, it's going to call your television the "PC Screen." Your monitor will be the "Second Screen." The four options are: PC screen only, Duplicate (mirrors the images), Extend (you can manage apps on both screens separately), and Second screen only. If you get into 3-screen territory like myself it gets even weirder. If I want to use my 2 27" monitors I tell Windows to do second screen only. If I want all 3, I do extend.

Also, when you set up your dual monitors be sure to go into the display properties and set your main display. Get to it by right clicking on the desktop and picking Screen Resolution. From there you can set your main desktop screen. I'd recommend keeping it as your monitor and using the television as the extension because of weirdness with desktop icons.