Persona 3 and Persona 4 ordered

So i ordered these games on Friday and the wait is killing me. I even got a few friends interested in the Persona games by telling them about the story !
To bad i wont get them until Tuesday , there is some day of for working people day on Monday so everything is closed, and mail is not delivered on weekends...
so about  one of my friends, we  played the whole ff9 together start to finish. I think  he wants to the same with this, i hope so it was really fun.

P.S if anyone reads this what game should i start with to get my friends interested in the games like the ER has done to me ?
P.S.S Thanks Endurance run to have opened my eyes for the Persona Games


I could lose a eye ...

Just my luck... i was working on a barn and some how got some grass growing chemical in my left eye. it is now all red and swollen.
i thought it was no big deal but when i got to the doctor he told me how it was. the chemical is slowly destroying my eye. I got some eye drops but if they wont work in 1-2 weeks i will be taken to England for some surgery... the doctor thinks the drops will work


I am making a game

Well i bought the " Hardcore" game making program Rpg maker Vx a few months ago. i started to make something then quit then a few months after that i started to make something else the quit again...

But now i am not going to quit. i am a month in development and some great dudes on newgrounds offered me their music to fit in it. i have also gotten a lot of help from the official forums. I have a original story(That i have been working on for 3 years) , original character sets and faces.

it is a fantasy Rpg i dont care if it will not be the greatest  game in the world i just want to finish something once in my life.

Let me know if you can offer any help :D

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