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Gurren lagann is crazy over the top if you are looking for that ( I still have the music from that show stuck in my head...)

Steins;gate might also be for you. it's a really well made show that puts a little twist on the time travel concept

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razer megalodon. Really good and comfortable sets

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@dgtlty: thanks dude that actually helps a lot

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God i love this game ! that looked awesome

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@humanity: Damn that is a big download, but thanks for the reply !

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Me and a few friends are looking for a new mmo to play and I noticed this game went free 2 play awhile ago.
I remember people not being that hot on it when it came out but i was wondering if it had changed at all
since release and if anyone here stills plays it ?

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I have the Nexus 4 and it's a great phone, but they've stopped selling them, the new one will be announced soon and some images have leaked, looks like LG will be making again. I'd hold out if you can, but it's tough being without a phone...

Had not heard of this, Do you know if there is going to be any substantial differences between them ?

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I'v been planning on getting a new phone for awhile now and last night my old phone died so i figured this is as good a time as any.

I have been using an Android phone for about 3 years now so i was planning to get another one of those, the nexus 4 maybe, but i am not against apple products in any way. I don't really follow the smartphone business so i figured i'd get some opinions first from people who might have more experience with different kinds of phones.
You guys got any recommendations ?