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I know many of us who are interested in this game have been wondering what kind of business model Wildstar would go for and i think most suspected it to be F2P like a lot of MMOs today.

They don't seem to be going for that but instead a traditional monthly fee with a bit of a twist. Clearly inspired by the EVE online plex system they are allowing players to buy C.R.E.D.D. from other players which gives them 30 days in-game play time.

Here is a link to the new story they posted :

So this means that we have to buy the game and pay a monthly fee or farm enough gold to buy credd which honestly i am completely fine with. Been getting a little sick of how recent F2P MMOs are build up.

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That is AMAZING !

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Gah this is hard !

1. Okami

2. Valkyria chronicles

3. Final fatasy 9

There are so many games i could have put there but these are the ones that always pop up in my mind when i think of this.

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You can't go wrong with fire.

Baseball bat on fire.

and set your clothes on fire so that bees won't swarm around you.

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I'll just set the whole damn bush they are in on fire and then hit it with fire while i am on fire

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@myketuna said:

Echoing the advice in this thread. I had to deal with my first wasp nest myself not 2 weeks ago. Wait until dusk, night or early morning when they're less active, stand as far as you can, and spray the shit out of it.

Layer your clothing (long sleeved is best) and tuck your pants into your socks if you're really paranoid like me. I also got lucky and did it when it was pouring rain at night. Figured the cross fire would get any I didn't spray. Good luck.

Yeah, i went and got some crazy bug poison. Gonna go give it a go tonight

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Okay thanks guys i'll got buy some spray,

And if that does not work I'll just


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While doing some work in my yard i stumbled upon a wasp hive. Now i have never encountered one before and i wanted to know if some of you more experienced people of giantbomb have any tips on how to destroy it and get rid of the wasps ?
Its right next to my doorway and any help would be greatly appreciated

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Who the hell is Anita Sarkeesian ?!

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I honestly don't know what to do. I have been sitting here since last night and i honestly don't know what to do. He and the gamespot/giantbomb crew have been such a huge part in my life for so many years now. I have been a part of this site almost since the beginning and the content these guys have released have gotten me through some really shitty parts of my life. The man i am today is largely influenced by Ryan and the crew and i feel like a part of me just died.

My deepest condolences to his friends and family. Hvíl í friði Ryan Davis