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Is it character name and username ?
if so its Enthor@fullwarriorfruit

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I hope some of you guys that where at the meet up see this. It was incredible to meet you all, i had no idea there where so many Icelandic Giantbomb members here in Iceland.
I was the weird dude getting everyone steam ID. If any of you want to do something like that again at some point please hit me up here on the site !

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Hey guys i am about to head out soon, hope to see a lot of fellow icelandic bombers there tonight :D !

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@hrmagni: Nothing like random snow to set the mood !

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My profile just got put back to an earlier date to about a month ago.My forum post number went down and i cant see my recent activity.

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Hopefully the weather will get better, been a little wet this week

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@hrmagni: That is actually a pretty cool idea. íslenski barinn should also offers stuff like that and should also accommodation a large group of people.

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Við skulum gera þetta !

I am super interested in meeting some icelandic giantbomb members ! should we try looking into some of the bars around the fanfest ?

We could also just take over a restaurant like roadhouse or 73,

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I feel like i commented on something like this during the ER

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YAY :D.... was how i felt when it firsts came out and everyone was talking about it, Now not so much