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OUYA is good for two very specific things at a reduced price, if interested. Older game emulation - being able to sideload MAME emu's on it from android. This opens a lot in that old school gaming arena on the cheap. For media streaming - XBMC is also well done on this platform with native HDMI at a low price point. Both of these things can be had on many platforms but harder to implement from scratch at a $99 price point. When compared side to side a well armed Rasberry PI is going to cost you more (after shipping and HDMI additions) and arguable run much slower without a uniform implementation than a stock OUYA. For these few reasons it has been pretty cool, II guess I am getting what I intended from it. If I was taking into stock its own direct games and implementation of its published games - I can understand the frustration easily. I would not recommend to anyone that this is a sound, relevant new gaming platform, its a very decent lil MAME, SNES, NES, XBMC media player at an all in one price point that's hard to match; with HDMI in such a small form factor. One of the more cleaver things I have seen with it is someone pulling the MB and mounting it to the inside of a arcade fight stick, sort of a arcade in a joystick ready to go. Bending it to your specific use outside its intended is where this thing is interesting.

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Hi all,

Anyone out there want to work on remixing some old game themes?

Below is my first shot with GAUNTLET, if anyone digs this I will submit a "Ghosts N Goblins" shortly.

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I am definitely going to line up to get violated, willingly pay the outrageous price for a damn squier. I love to play real guitar and Rockband with my buds, I have my lil plastic guitars next to my real ones, I respect what RB(and guitar hero for that matter)  has done for folks general interest in music overall.   I can honestly say the RB Drum mode actually got me to think about how to use my limbs independently to aid in the attempt of real drums, I am not claiming to do super well on real skins (i respect those who do), but damn it took me from completely useless on real drums to being able to do some damage.  That ability had always escaped me before the hours and hours of drunken fun with pals on my lil plastic RB set! 

My hope is that next round (or possibly this) they expand upon the keys on the keyboard. You can get a 49 key MIDI keyboard from MAUDIO for $90, would make that really cool aspect of the new RockBand even more relevant to folks who may play piano (or would like to get better!).  

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Just trying to let folks know this thing is out before the game is released, pretty sure everyone remembers it was a complete pain last time.  
You need to relax bro! 

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There already is an awesome "show your fightstick" thread on the original SF4 forum - but wanted to kick things off over here with the news that the new TE "S" editions sticks have gone retail.    
Just found and immediately nabbed this bad boy - was looking for the original TE and came across this at a VA gamestop , had to triple check to make sure not opened ;) -  these new arcade sticks are hitting stores now.  This time the Lock control  works on the xbox guide/start buttons, the sides have been streamlined from the original TE, the multi color buttons might not be for everyone but i think it gives it some arcadey charm.  There is now a cool 3-way switch that enables joystick to work as left, right or D-pad (expanding use for some XBLA games). There is a storage area now for the USB cable, not sure if the the 1st TE had that. I am not awesome at SF4, but god damn I love me some fighting games and this takes me back to the days of Arcades.  Very sturdy, as big and almost as tall as the XBOX360 is itself, feels like some quality. Buttons out of box are actual Sanwa parts - same thing  modders would be looking to use in many cases.  
So - for the $150, from a less talented albeit passionate fighting fan - this stick is worth every penny. 


'show  your fightstick" forum
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Round Two - FIGHT! 
Some awesome customs here guys, I respect how much work that is. Yesterday I had to pick up a TE, had the fever, was on a mission- and came across this (bought it immediately) - the new Arcade Fightstick TE "S" . This time the Lock works on the xbox guide/start buttons.
not sure if you guys are seeing this pop up here and there, they are pretty new, this one was found in VA...
sorry for me crap iphone shot : 

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gladly paying 1.99 to the my giant bomb deity's..

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Rocket Riot is better than Kane and Lynch!

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Ah...the growing pains and tribulations of upper class white suburbia....

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the new look breaks the predictable action every man mold, that is welcomed.
the odds are - this is going to be a well received shooter, it would more of a surprise if RockStar actually botched it.

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